Sunday, May 8, 2011’d I go there?
Posted Date: : Jul 14, 2008 11:24 PM
Today was the first day of the pigfest….I mean County Fair.  In defense though there are a lot of pigs there.  Grandpa brought Anna and Katie out there this morning and I managed to get there with the other four there by 9:30 am.  Anna did her showing thing, her pigs apparently stink, but Anna did ok.  It was the judging of the animal day and face it, if your  pig don't have good hams, your pig don't have good hams.  I can relate as I don't have good hams either….though my bacon is fine.  So me and the four wandered around the fair afterwards til about 2:45 then went home.  Tomorrow I need to have all six out there by 7:00.  The only benefit of having to be there so early is that there's no one at the gate to pay….muahaha….I don't feel bad though because after 4 days I think they should pay me to come back in.  I swear the kids and I have seen Professor Bamboozle's show at least 30 times over the years.  Somehow I ended up telling the kids I'd give them each $20 to spend as they see fit, I never would have done that with just my own but the other two don't understand not going on rides.  Doesn't make sense does it?  Actually I figure it makes perfect sense….that's why some utility is frequently shut off lol.  I just can't, seriously, I can't hand over the cash……..I mean really WTH….$4 to go in a circle (take the $4 and multiply by 6……um no).  I'm not stingy or cheap really because I have no problem giving them the $20, but to stand there and fork it over myself hurts.  Really.  At least this way I don't have to be the mean one humming and hawing

Ok, this is five days later…….computer went freaky on me when I was writing the above so I just gave up.  Ironically it started back spacing on everything but the back space key itself has never worked, The One Who Mustn't be Mentioned says it's something in the computer, I say it's the keyboard because it's done it since we bought it and the old one never had that problem.  Seems to me we could have returned it right away and tried another one out, but noooooo.   So now we have no backspace ability. Se la vie.  Anna showed her pig again on Friday and did an awesome job of it, and I don't say that lightly….she really did.  The auction was Saturday night and Molly I think went for $560, not as good as years past but still decent for a 12 yo.  Besides the pig had lame hams. 
I've got Junior over here for awhile, his mom's trying to have a baby…soon, soon.  He's a sweetheart though he freaks Isaac out a bit.  Um…..Dorkbutt filed an "injured spouse claim".  Idiot.  Though I'm actually glad he did because now I can move forward un-impeded with this need to be fair to the moron.  The one who mustn't be mentioned says I/we should take legal measures to actually get what he owes and should have been paying all these years.  Crap.  I do have all the paper work though, just a pain in the butt.  Why couldn't he have just been happy taking advantage of us?  Why does he persist in being  the perpetual victim?  Ack…best thing I ever did was divorce him.  I feel sorry for Connie though.  Anyway, the only thing I can think of that would have been an injury to him is that he didn't ask for a modification when he got fired from yet another good job and kept having the same child support but that was only a difference of $35 a month, hardly worth arguing 4 years later.  He's so stupid…you know how stupid he is?  A month or so ago he comes to get the girls and is all manly and puffed up and going to get his way and make me obey.  So he says "you  need to come get the girls on Sunday because the price of gas is killing me and you need to do something to help me out because I'm poor and you sit on your butt all day and do nothing"  or something of that ilk, so I say "ok, we just paid $1020 for the girls down payment on their braces you can pay your half then" and he goes "sputter sputter I don't have $500" I say "I know, that's why we're not making you pay it" and he goes "but you have to help me and pick up the girls".  I have no problem getting the girls from somewhere if it's hard for him to do it but he's talking the price of gas and how it's breaking him…….I know he's no good at math but honestly…..$4 once or twice a month shouldn't break the bank…give up a slurpee or something.  He doesn't seem to have any comprehension of the money paid that he is supposed to be paying, I would think if someone isn't pursuing you for $500 that you would let the $4 slide.  $4 that isn't even their responsibility to begin with.  You know…back when we got divorced I, the one with the kids who made $900 a month, sat in the lawyers office and through my own stupidity said he, the one who makes $2000 can't afford to pay $471 a month in child support, and to bring it down to $350.  Which they did.  May not sound like much but since then that adds up to almost $12,000  that I left in his stupid little wallet.  Add to that the loan we split for which he has neglected to pay his half for the past 4 years or so at about a gift from us amount of around $7200.  Then throw in such things as the half he's supposed to pay for any medical/dental/optical stuff that we have never asked him for and it all adds up to MAJOR DORK.  All he has done for the past 7-8 years is gripe that he can't claim one of the girls on his taxes, the cs amounts are set with the criteria that the custodial parent claims the kids, besides the fact that WHY SHOULD I LET HIM?  I don't exactly owe him anything.  Unless you ask him…..he'd say he should have the house….he only let me have it because I had the girls.  Besides the fact that I STILL HAVE THE GIRLS and he's just too incapable to be able to buy a house on his own…..someone has to fill out the paperwork you know, the house was a fair deal…..I could have taken half of his Pers at about $7500, the house had no equity…we could have sold the house had nothing for it and I could have taken half his retirement account instead.  Is it my fault he kept all of his retirement,  cashed  it out and now has nothing?   Nope.  If you ask him exactly how I have "screwed him over" he won't be able to come up with anything.  Just whiny, "I'm too stupid to be able to manage my life crap, poor little me".    So anyway, let him file his injured spouse claim and when it's over I'm though cutting him any slack for being stupid……. I'm getting to be good at bitchy I think.
Subject : Sandwich bread and flowers
Posted Date: : Jul 8, 2008 9:40 AM
It's Tuesday, day whatever of I don't know how many days til school starts up.  I don't mind the kids being around; it's just that it's the first year in a long time where all kids will be gone all day.  OMG.  Summer's actually trucking along pretty nicely, no obnoxious weather, kids are decent, and life is good.  I picked my first official yard bouquet on Sunday, it's daisies, poppies and lavender.  It has only taken me 10-ish years to get stuff planted to pick….and life is good……and it's a very pretty bouquet to boot.  Thinking ahead to lunchtime, which I rarely do before breakfast if ever, I realized I had nothing normal to give them.  I guess I frequently don't but that's another story.  Anyway I actually got some bread going in the bread machine.  A white bread, said it was perfect for sandwiches.  We'll see.  I've yet to make a bread that was the wonderful homemade   sandwich type bread.  Winco used to sell farm bread and it was just totally awesome but they stopped.  Probably because it was too good.  It competed with the sales of the nasty Wonder stuff.   At any rate my little machine is chugging away over there for me. 
Dorkbutt got deployed…'d think he would be happy about it lol…..but I don't think he is.  Probably because now he can't complain about how much the one who mustn't be mentioned makes because he'll make the same…..ha.  Ha ha.   It's only six months though.  My brother is going to be nearby, across a border but close, maybe they can get together.  Maybe not lol.  Maybe I should go check on breakfast?

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