Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Funny

Posted Date: : Mar 14, 2008   
I was going down to Northern lightsast night and as I got there this song came on, I don’t know if I can put videos in blogs but if it works there it is, if not it’s on my page.  It just made me go wow lol, when did she meet.....NM.  The first part is quite touching, especially the part about hungry, horny, or wanting something cleaned.
I saw I Am Legend last night, once again wasting a chicken nacho opportunity by eating with the girls first, dangit.  Good movie in a strange hell-houndish sort of way, it made me envious of this guy with access to all those cool apartments, I’d be going on real estate tours if that was me.  Next time I WILL BE HUNGRY and I will get chicken nachos. 
Isaac came up to me this morning and said he needed a potato.  I of course asked why, since I’d seen no notice about potato projects coming up and didn’t know what shape the potatoe should be in (I have various stages, from hashbrown worthy to ready to plant).  I asked, are you planting them?  And he rolled his eyes, sighed and said "’s for a math project", I asked how he knew this because again I don’t usually miss those notes.  So he goes down to his room, comes back with a yellow paper and says "see, I need a potato for a math project and I can bring an extra for someone else".  So not only do I have a kindergartener that can read better than my 12 year old, but he can take care of his own business.......somebody pick me off the floor please.   Wow.  Then there’s the one who had a fit because I wouldn’t place his/her breakfast into his/her  hand  and insisted it was too heavy for him/her to pick up.  I’ll just have to be knocking that little streak of man/woman tyranny out of him/her before he/she goes on to makes some poor woman miserable.  There are no Grand Poo-bahs anymore. 
I’m trying to figure out Easter.  It’s a weird holiday.  It hasn’t been totally whacked out with commercialism yet and if you don’t go to church it seems kind of hypocritical to celebrate it but then going to church seems kind of hypocritical so where do the bunnies come in?  Maybe we’ll just go to church to lay claim to the right to celebrate, but I just end up sitting there thinking that I really don’t think that God would approve.  My parents and half of my siblings are going to be in Seattle, Randy has no plans for the girls, and I don’t know what’s going on with Joe’s family.  I guess I just do what I would do if it were me and the kids and be ready to stick it in the freezer if someone gets involved at the last minute.  Or I be a bitch and say sorry, we have plans.  Golly, camping in 11 days.

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