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Just life
Posted Date: : Dec 28, 2007 10:52 PM
Well, Christmas is was nice.  Despite my Grandfather passing away on the 23rd everything went really well.  It was a nice death, yeah that may sound weird but it was.  He went from feeling fine then slowing down for a week and that was it.  My Grandma has that "nothing is so bad that tomorrow won't be better" thing going for her and seems to be doing fine.  We'll see on New Years which would have been their 68th anniversary. 
The cat that must leave is still here, she thinks she's a dog by now.  She sleeps in their bed, eats with them, plays with them and goes out with them sometimes.  Even when I lock the dogs in the kitchen she goes in with them and sits and looks at me even though she can hop out anytime she wants.  Any day now she's outta here......sigh.
Oh, oh,oh......... we got a Costco membership!!!!!!!!!  I feel like a real person now.  Now I can buy peanut butter and coffee without sneaking in with my mom.  I always wondered what it would be like to get busted sneaking into Costco.  I would just deny....that's not MY peanut butter.  My life of crime.

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