Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - of course....jury duty

  Posted Date: : Jun 14, 2007 6:30 AM
     Joe called again yesterday and now they are in Washington.  He's going to let me know what's up with any leave or a good time to come up and see him information.  So yeah….of course I have to go to jury duty this time.  Dang criminals.  I guess I'll go, not get chosen then be done and not have to worry about it.  Not that I'm all that worried. 
     Yesterday was the girls last day of school and the boys and I went over for Anna's "graduation" and the school picnic.  Hard to believe Anna's going to be in middle school already, but then the boys are going to be in kindergarten…..woohoo.  My kitchen smells like garlic, not a bad thing mind you, just an observation.  So we went and saw all the 5th graders get a certificate and ate lunch on the playground.  Social butterfly Katie, she is going to make such a stereotypical teen girl I think, found a friend and wrangled and invite to go over after school which meant that she stayed after the picnic (it was either go home after lunch or stay til school got out) with her friends and I'm sure delighted the teacher with their presence.  I like the end of school, now we can clear out all the school paraphenelia, pack it away, not have to remember things, and don't have to get lunches made.  Ahhhh…..summer.  Now I might think differently once the boys also go to school all day lol.  But for now I don't mind them all being home. 
     After the school festivities I took the boys (Anna had a swimming party) to DMV.  I had to pee badly but I figured rather than use the mini bathrooms I'd just go at DMV.  DMV bathrooms were locked and due to vandalism (yeah….dang jury duty causers at work) and they didn't give out the key.  Yeah me and my boys are going to vandalize the bathrooms.  But anyway, I figure I can wait, so we do for 45 min.  I get called and go up and she says "oh we can't do renewals, our system is down" so I say "don't you think maybe all the people waiting with renewals would like to know that?" because I sure as heck would have gone home and went potty if I'd known.  So I took the boys went home, went potty, and went back and took another number.  Eventually they got the system back up and I got renewed, but how DMV to not tell people they're waiting for nothing.  They could easily have hollered out….No Renewals for a bit, go get on with your life, come back later.  But no. 
    Let's see……took the glass recycle in, paid the garbage bill, dropped stuff off at Goodwill, everytime I drop stuff off the boys start bewailing the chicken I donated months ago.  I told them to pick it up and put it away and they wouldn't so I donated it.  It was just a crappy stuffed chicken but now they think I'm always donating their toys yet they still don't want to pick them up.  Well, 6:30….guess I better go get ready to go….

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