Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's hot and I'm jazzed on coffee

  Those are good nights.....those nights where you kinda feel like staying up and kinda feel like lot's a coffee.  They used to be nights of spastic laundry dish doing until I saw the light one night.    Did you know you can spastically do every dish, wash every bit of fabric in the house, sweep every corner and it doesn't matter?  It doesn't.  ok....I will admit if you never do any of those things you will regret the 3 day laundry marathon that you eventually get to......yeah I'm down to I think 3 loads.  It's been a sucky 3 days lol.  Now it's more a time to go buy those songs you keep looking up on you tube, good golly it's hot.  What happened?  Did my order to cancel summer get lost?  Fall, winter, spring, fall, winter, spring that's all we need.  Though I must admit the allergy issue was much alleviated today....just noticed that actually.  I don't think I've blown my nose once or scared a cat with a sneeze all day.  Cool. 

Anyway, school ended, my temporary position has ended but at least now I have a work history more recent than 10 years ago.  Got to the end to experience just a bit of drama....Nooooooo, I don't do drama, I don't do drama, I don't do drama........aaaackkkk.   Drama survived, besides who am I fooling I either do do drama or attract it really well.  I just wanna laze around looking for bunnies in the clouds......or giraffes or big scary monsters.  The one who mustn't be mentioned, I'll just call him Tom.  That's T O W M B M switched around to towmmb which sorta sounds like Tom.  So anyway, Tom blew a gasket again, this time over Father's day......something like this. Him "I want the boys on Father's day" me "OK", him "Blah blah blah call attorney denying me rights blah blah blah blah", me "enough already I said ok".  End of call, 10 minutes later....ring "hello?" he "hi I'm an attorney" me "oh for pete's sake".  Of course I paraphased a bit, left out some expletives and tears and such crap, but that's the gist of it.  So as a result of that conversation the boys and I got to take the train and it has been dictated that we are following the visitation schedule to the letter, no variation.  This works out great for me because I like to plan and now I can.......would suck for someone who doesn't plan very well.   I got me a calendar and have the next year and a half scheduled out now......go ahead, give me a date and I'll tell you who's got the boys. 

Let's see, boys are done with baseball......they won the playoffs woohoo, go boys team.....and done with cubscouts for the normal stuff.  Unfortunately most of the summer activities fall on Tom's days but that's ok, though there were a couple I had been looking forward to.  Oh well.  Anna is now a member of the Olyannes, the school dance team,  oh dude.....I just noticed they're the Olyannes and she's Anna....she's an Olyanna!!!  Katie is still trucking along with the violin and seems perfectly content with that.  Dogs went up to a schauzer rescue in Washington and have been adopted by people who are doing such things as taking them to classes and probably putting bows in their hair and I have reverted back to cats as I had before.....I had 5 at one point lol.  Then they all got gone....Cloe, Lucy, Nuts, Henry and Emily.  Now I've got George and Surely.  The household pet shui has been restored. 

I'm tired, life is good......g'night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh who it what you like

Hello.  This is going to be a mind making up exercise.  I have a problem.  It's huge........gargantuan even.  Almost too much for one person to bear.  Are you ready for this?  My parents want to throw me a 40th birthday/you're divorced.......again type party.  You'd think I could find something else to not be able to sleep over.  I guess I'm lucky that's all I've got to fret about......." parents want to throw me a party, can you believe the audacity?"  I'm looking forward to turning 40.....I've been telling people I'm 40 for the better part of a year already anyway.  It does seem weird to be 40.....I don't feel 40, still feel about 26........29 was a good year also,  although that could be attributed to the end of decade divorce phenomenon.  Have you ever decided that you were just not going to use a form of punctuation?  I have....won't use colons or semi-colons.  Anyway, as far as the divorce issue, I was thinking about it the other day and had a certain feeling of accomplishment come over me......there's something to be said for doing it, not once but twice, that well......I don't know.......kind of makes you feel freer or stronger or less likely to really care what the neighbors think about your armpit high lawn or when you get the blank stare over some perfectly logical statement.  Maybe it just makes you weird?  So anyway, I've been stewing over telling my parents no I don't want no stinkin' party and just saying ta hell with it and just giving them a list of every person I've ever met.  Well maybe not every person.....hell why not?