Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Snarfblat

Posted Date: : Jun 10, 2007 10:14 AM
     That about covers it.  Snarfblat.  Yesterday was one of those run around days and today is promising to be a, well….snarfblat day.  Maybe I'll run the kids to the coast or something if they clean up their crap.  Ok, that's not happening.  Snarfblat. 
     I made egg McMuffins  without the Mc for Breakfast yesterday…..sure sounds good now.  I make a mean egg mc muffin without the mc but I'm not running to the store.  I think I need food.  BRB.  Ok, fueled on eggs, Hawaiian sausage, swiss and green onions.  Anyway….yesterday…running around….ran to Lifesource bought the aforementioned egg Mc Muffin without the Mc stuff, fed everyone and got them ready, ran to Walmart for three B-day presents (2 for Dayton and one for Chance), those weird rubber hairball things are the best gift for a friend kid B-day gift.  No kid can resist a weird rubber ball thing that they can wear as a hat.  Dropped the boys off at their party then had to go get a windshield wiper replaced because mine like totally whacked.  I turned it on then it went KAWHUMP and the whole thing was twisted up into an S…..while kind of cool it made it hard to see.  Since they were only three months old they replaced it for free.  Ok, let's see…ran to Negstadts and picked up my brothers wedding gift and found a shower gift at the same time BONUS.  Ran back to boys party and got the boys.  Oh ran into my mom and she took Katie because Katie was the only one with no party to go to.  After the boy pickup decided to take the kids to Whites for lunch before Anna's party, got Anna's stuff and took her to the Y for her party and me and the boys wandered around downtown for 2 hours.  Did you know that there is not a light jacket/sweatshirt to be found this time of year?  Not even on clearance racks.  Bought some more pencils, I only wanted a white one but felt guilty using my debit card for 1.55, lol.  Went to the Book Bin, got a book on biotechnology and food and pin-up girls……two separate books.  The food and the biotechnology go together, not the food and the pin-up girls.  Stopped at some Italian deli place and bought an expensive piece of eh cake, went back to the Y and reclaimed Anna, stopped at my parents and got home about 7:45.  And you know….when we got home the house was still a mess.  I was hoping for that obsessive-compulsive-cat burglar to stop in.  Whatever happened to the Hamburglar by the way? 
     So now, once again this weekend, I've told the kids if they clean up their stuff we'll go to the beach.  They actually are picking up Legos but we'll see how far they get.  Last weekend I told them the same thing and they screwed around for 4 hours before I got tired of it and sent them to their rooms for about 3 hours.  Have I mentioned I need a vacation?  I bought my self a bag at Lifesource yesterday, not because I needed a bag though I do love it, but for the pattern because someday I'm going to make something.  I've been itching to do so but can't see getting stuff out to just not be able to do it.  I only have to wait what….another 13 years or so?  Of course Halloween is coming and so far one wants to be a brontosaurus so that's promising.  I do foresee a problem with costumes getting bigger and bigger every year.  Oh well.  Well….shower time. 

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