Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Oranges

Posted Date: : Nov 7, 2007 2:44 PM
     I won't peel oranges.  I refuse.  I hate the sticky and the squirty and everything about it.  I've had bad mom thoughts about this whole issue but you know….if they really have to have it peeled instead of cut up they can just do it themselves.  I think they just want it peeled because they know I won't do it and then they can kvetch at me.  That being said let's see……it's Wednesday which means heck morning.  Small room, 15 kids under the age of 4, me, a high stress individual, and one who needs direction.  Why I let myself get reeled back in I don't know.  Ok, I guess I do know, I like the little rats.  And I guess I would never get to experience the wonderous feeling of calm that comes from stepping out the door, lol.  I have nothing to say.?.?.?.  How strange.  Hmmmm…….Joe and I are going to the foster parenting classes this weekend, we'll see how that goes.  Or even if they'll let us since our house is on the small side.  I guess if they don't we tried but it would be nice to be able to do something if necessary.  I guess this is the result of life going well, nothing to say.  It's so much easier to write when pissed.  Or when pissed for that matter…heehee.  I got a bottle of wine last night, maybe I'll get pissed tonight and have a lot to say.

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