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OS - I want to be a documentarian

 I want to be a documentarian
Posted Date: : Feb 15, 2008 11:32 AM
I made a documentary on the life of chicken pho......I titled it The Life of Chicken Pho but due to technical difficulties it's still in my pics and not a mighty professional Myspace slideshow.  If you really want to know the life of chicken pho go check it out.  I feel that I have created an insightful, evocative glimpse into what it really means to be a bowl of pho, or as I like to say in my head....a "bo oh pho",  a masterpiece really and if I can ever get it into slideshow format I wouldn't be surprised if it were worthy of a Grammy, or maybe even a Heisman.  Until then though I guess it's just this life of grinding normalcy, though I can't complain.....I like my life I would just like to win the lottery so I can sell my car because face it, I'm never gonna take the train to Seattle if I have a car. 
Let's see, yesterday was Valentines day and we did what we always do, I gave the kids cards with dorky poetry and waited around to see if someone was going to pull their head out this year........nope.  But that's ok because I bought myself some luxury cheese because as Kathleen Turner says "Buy yourself Roses", so I did.  I walked down to Lifesource after I dropped the boys at school, defying constructions workers along the way, told them they were silly and it was more dangerous for me to run across commercial  street and back just because they closed the sidewalk than it was for me to walk by their truck, what do they need 15 feet of clearance for anyway?  Well, they laughed and said they'd let it slide this time......yeah buddy you'll let it slide next time too.  Dagnabit.  I gotta go get the boys.  Bye.   

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