Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Another day another dollar

 Posted Date: : Jun 12, 2007 10:11 AM

     I don't know how that saying works if you don't have a job.  Maybe another day another age spot?  Another day a few less hairs?  Regardless I guess another day always means another something.  I wrote a poem yesterday, it just hit me out of the blue and I'm surprised by the quality for it having been so easy.  Here goes…It's true what they say….It all goes to pot….You were what you were….But hey, now you're not.  Ok, it sucks but I like it.  Maybe I'll start writing birthday cards or something.  Ever noticed how many card there are out there…WTH.  I couldn't handle the card finding process so I bought one of those big old boxes with an assortment of like 42 cards in it at Walmart for $7.42.  If one of those occasions pops up where you just have to have a card I should be covered.  Just don't be surprised if I show up at your wedding with a sharpied over and re-worded condolence card someday.  Which would be suitable on more than one level lmao.  My brother is destroying….I mean getting married in a week or so, I have to find a dress or something.
     I'm aiming for capris.  I told my mom I tried an outfit on at Pennys the other day and it was capris and a top, it was nice, looked like caca on me but that's not the outfits fault.  She said "I think you need to wear a dress" and I said "I'm wearing something I like" and she said "oh".  Whew, that was easy.  So now I have to find something I like.  Dammit.  I think weddings should be cyber events.  Sign in watch and send comments.  Ok..actually I'm looking forward to this one, first one in a long time with no little children and it's all catered and taken care of so it's just eat drink and be merry. 
     Rachel and Bob took me to see the Pirate movie, end of the world or over the edge or landsend or whatever it was called, it was pretty good, went long on the action parts as movies usually do…I used to hate James Bond movies because of the never ending chases and stuff.  Argh….got the idea move on.  On the other hand anything with Johnny Depp has got to be good because he just rocks my flipflops.  Only problem is he's Gemini and according to AOL that means he has astrological ADHD, which I find fookin' hilarious because my hubby has it too and it's oh so true. 
     I'm sure I did something else yesterday, I must have.  Did some laundry, took the trash cans out to the street.  Todays big plans include getting my nails done.  That is so embarrassing to say….getting my nails done.  Hmmm.  Oh well.  I did it the once just because and now am addicted to the power nails that need no care and never break.  So I do it for utilitarian reasons.  Only thing you can't do is get things out of your teeth.  I guess I'll get off this thing and attempt a real live life.  Out there in the world. 

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