Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Carolee wants pie

Carolee wants pie
Posted Date: : May 20, 2008 9:15 AM
If I hear from her I'll bring her some, if not the boys decided they liked it lol, even though it's a bit "sour"'s not, it's rhubarby.  Halli came over yesterday and stayed for over 2 hours before I sent her home.  I figured her mom probably wondered where she was, maybe.  I called her cell and left a message, and just called 2 more times with no answer.  Her mom finally called right after I sent Halli on her way and didn't seem bothered by the fact that her 8 year old was somewhere for 2 hours.  I think I'm gaining another one. Too bad none of them like rhubarb.   I heard a good line that explains some things foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.........doesn't that fit many....things?  Seems like they could pull their foot out of the grave, toss the banana peel in and go on their way. 
Why do people who are so unhappy with their life stick with it?  Why don't they go off to what will make them happy?  I personally feel like I could fly, I could touch the sky......., so what's with people who never reach happy, at best they get to a level of not unhappy.  If they don't want to be happy then they shouldn't poison other people around them, go on your way, it's a free world and it will keep turning no matter what you do.  Right?  But then I think the meaning/point of life is to be happy....I didn't even have to sit on a mountain top for months for it to come to me, it just did one day.  If everyone was happy they wouldn't be doing bad things.  Right?  Because happy people don't do bad things.  So dammit, be happy.  

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