Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Stuff - I heard a little voice....know what it said?

  • I heard a little voice....know what it said?

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    Beer.  That was it.  Just "beer".  You really can't get much more straight forward than that.  So I listened.  I have beer, Johnny, and a fan… is good.  If a bit dull.  Ok fine it's knock-down-flat-on-your-ass BORING.  Tomorrow I get to go out with a bunch of people I don't know though…..whoop whoop.   Ay….where's my internal optimist?  It'll be fun.  :D  see?
    Anyway I went to Joes cousins Pampered Chef open house tonight.  She's stepping into the business world lucky her.  So I bought a bunch of stuff, god….. you know the best way to be a pampered chef?  To not have to cook, now that would be a pampering.  Actually I love cooking, I would just like to do it without the "what's the red thing" and "I'm NOT going to eat that" s.  I guess the pampering would be to not cook for kids lmao.  I did snag a recipe for a salad that I think I'll bring to my parents Midsummer party though, I'm always looking for something worthy.  Anyway, the aunties were there, and me, buying stuff we didn't need to support the entrepreneurial spirit.  Bekah….if you stumble upon this…..I LO-OOOVE YOU……

    The boys had their preschool graduation a few days ago.  They were supposed to dress as what they want to be when they grow up.  One wanted to be a tyrannosaurus and the other a super hero construction worker piano player.  Alrighty.  Through my supermom powers I directed them towards construction worker and firefighter.  By the time of the ceremony though they ended up as both being firefighters.  Oh well.  One girl wanted to be a mermaid.  I really felt like piping up and telling her how hard that was to become and I know because I went to mermaid school for awhile.  Obviously I didn't finish.  But they all graduated and now the boys are upset that school is over and they can't go back.  Ppphhhbbbbllllltttttttt.  Tough.  You wanna know what I think they are going to be?  Isaac is going to be a chiropractor/naturopath and Jake a playboy.  Not that I'll ever tell Jake that lol. 

    I really have to hit the yard tomorrow, I've been putting the back off due to dog bombs but I can't anymore, the kids are going to get lost.  Good thing I suspect the van of having troubles, otherwise I'd head off  with the kids to somewhere and drag them through the wilderness.  I guess I can just throw them into the back yard lmao.  See who survives.  Unfortunately the front is more fun to work on so I do.  Speaking of, I really should be sitting out there right now, It's gorgeous out there.  Ok, I'm going to park my ass and my beer on my patio and look at the stars.  Drive by and I'll wave.  Promise.
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