Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nice day is over. This is going to be one of those blogs I'm not supposed to do, it might infuriate the great one. But you know what? The great one can grow up. Just because someone appreciates something I do is no reason to "put me in my place" because maybe I don't like your place. Drop kicking plants across the yard? And why? Could you please tell me why? Because I won't let you do anything? Such as? What won't I let you do? More like you won't let me do anything by reacting with this ballistic crap. Where were you last night? You said someone called and invited you over, I said ok, and the kids and I had a party, you knew we were going to have a party when you left. When have you ever not done anything you've wanted to do? When have I ever not helped you out to do whatever you've wanted to do? Am I supposed to greet people with "hi, please don't compliment me or appreciate me in any way, it flips out the great one". The only thing I won't let you do is take away from me, you don't have to add to me, but you ain't taking anything away, been there done that.
What a nice day. It's a little warm but we have insulation now lol, it seems to help keep things cool in the far. We'll see later in summer, but it has to be better than before. Hmmm....let's see...went walking this morning, checked the T-ball schedule and found out that the game wasn't til 11:30 instead of 10 so I flew out of the house after frantically searching for warm weather clothes.....I don't have many lol. I prefer cool weather clothes.....I think it's time to sadly pack away my boots, I will shed as few tears as possible as I come to the realization that now I must find a summer favorite yet again. sigh. Anyway got to walking on time and we were waiting for someone else anyway Alan who I won't mention. After walking, zipped on over to the most interminably long T-ball game of the season so far....nobody won....or both teams won, depends on how you want to look at it. Whatever, or whoever, it was lo-oooong. Came home, made lunch, gave the kids their incredibly dull choices of "cheese and mayo, ham and cheese and mayo and mustard, and ham and cheese and mayo and NO mustard" and I had a simply delectable ginger chicken salad with lettuce and tomato sandwich with strawberries on the side. mmmmm. Tonight I'm thinking of making, well, it's not pizza....but it's round. I have round bread products in an assortment...and I have canadian bacon, and tomato products, and tomatoes, and pineapple, and's cheddar but who's really gonna care...ain't no Italians around here. Oohhhhh....I have buffalo chicken flavored cheese...don't ask it was one of those "huh?" purchases....turns out it has quite a bite to it. I'm sure I can incorporate it somehow....hmmm.....I have a chicken....and buffalo chicken flavored cheese and bleu cheese dressing.....I can make a buffalo chicken pizza with bleu cheese dipping sauce....I can. One thing I do like about warmer weather is the unspoken permission to have fun dinners....and have them later, I think it's downright insane to eat at 6pm. Whathewho? But anyway....spent a portion of the afternoon watching Chocolat with Danielle, the girls have been in and out all day while their mom is moving stuff...yep just finished that then for some unknown reason my eyes went ballistic on I had a beer. Beer is great for itchy eyes and coffee does the trick for the more respitory effects of hayfever. OK...I have to ask, why is it hayfever? There is no fever involved......just snarfling and sneezing, and itching? It should be haysnarfeezitching. Yes....I suffer from haysnarfeezitching.....have a beer. Doctor's orders. I had a party last night, Carolee came over....lmao....we are party animals. We had dips....and I don't mean dorky guys, I mean like food you scoop and eat. I like dips, all food should be eaten with another food. I think I am done, yes I am.....later.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm sad. My girls are moving. I knew they were going to move but their mom said she was going to try and stay in the area.....they're moving to Broadway and will be going to Gangster...I mean Parrish Middle School. She says she still wants me to babysit them and since it's summer vacation there shouldn't be a problem for a few months but what's she going to do once school starts up and she gets off work at 7am and the kids are across town at my house and need to be at school at 8 am? She's gonna flake or find a neighbor like her to watch them or I'm gonna say "I'll take them to school". If it works I would because I hate to throw them to the wolves. If I could I would take them, but I can' Mom always said to never do foster care because you have to give them back. As it is they're here alot when I'm not babysitting them and right now I'm babysitting them 50-60 hours a week, so they're here a lot.....where are they going to be now when mom's sleeping all day?
Another day, lol. So, now I'm sitting here in my sarong...that's as far as I got towards a shower.....I was dying in the flannel PJs but didn't want to get dressed because I was too hot so I needed a shower but I am really protesting that for some reason today. I want to be a dirty girl I guess. I vacummed, cleaned the bathroom, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and ate breakfast....oh and took the trash out. Now what? If it were payday I'd pay the bills, I still could I guess just postpone the post dates.....hmmmmm...nah, what would I do on monday then? I had a culinary breakthrough with two of my kids....finally. For years now I've been trying to get them to eat the good yogurt but they want that stuff with the fruit stirred in...not on the bottom mind you, but stirred in, and for years I've been disappointing them by shopping at Rainbow and buying whatever they happened to have.....oooohhh....once they had Oikos and I bought a bunch because it was cheap....dang was that good....I'm all oooh......that's good, here try this and they're all ick, gross. Found out later that stuff is $2.50 an 8 oz container, I should have eaten more. Anyway....I decided I'm just going to buy myself good yogurt because heck why not? So I go to Lifesource and check it out and they have Wallaby on sale this month for .89 and I just have decided I'm worth .89 at least, so I buy some and go mmmmm....good yogurt. BUT....I eat it all and need more so I go tp Freddies and they don't carry Wallaby so I said harumph and ended up with Stonyfeild Farm Organic Whole Milk French Vanilla WITH cream on top....why did I go here? Oh yeah....culinary breakthrough......while I was getting all orgasmic over my yogurt the boys decide they want to try the three of us are then sitting at the table going oooohhhh.....this is good....mmmmmm.... Now for their lives haven't I been trying to get them to eat "good" yogurt? Yes, I have....and FINALLY I have succeded...muahahahaha.....girls still think it's gross though. I will prevail. Dang, that was good. The yogurt I just ate, not whatever I just wrote.

What's up with praying? I believe in God and I believe in prayer....or as I once heard......pray, smoke, chant for me lol. Whatever gets you there.....but having other people pray for you seems kinda dicey.....what if they don't pray for what you want? Is that why some people perpetually have problems? Because everyone's out there praying for the wrong things and nobody's actually really doing anything productive? To me prayer groups and prayer chains and golly whatever else puts it all in an American Idol category....hey God....look at this person......see how many prayers they got? Don't they deserve your help? Oh that lonely fellow over there? Pshaw...he only has his own prayers. It seems that whenever someone has troubles the response is "I'll pray for you". Gee, thanks, in the mean time I don't know what to do and my life is falling apart.....and oh crap......but thanks for your prayers". I guess to me prayer is private, help the person and if you feel they need prayer then go for it. My standard prayer for others is that they figure out what they need to do to fix the problem, or can come to terms with what they've got. So all you all out there I will probably never ever in my life tell you I'm gonna pray for you but if I feel you need it I'll be rooting for you figuring it all out. I guess it's sort of a rebellion against the two pots in life, the action pot and the prayer pot.....the action pot is frequently empty and the prayer pot is overflowing....maybe God goes through his day looking for the full action pots and helping those folk out? I still don't want to take a shower. Hmmmm.....SH*T! I just went to get my laundry and the blasted washing machine overflowed again!!!!!!! Don't anyone dare pray for me! Frickin, frack, frack...poop.'s a nice day, just open the garage door, let it air dry......look at it as an opportunity to finish up the pile in the middle of the garage that's now all wet. Frick. A little more yogurt of the gods and now I have a project. See how that works? God always gives you what you need...I needed something to do....he overflowed my washing thing. To top it all I have an excuse not to shower.......whoppee!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have just been slacking today. Maybe it’s jet lag….because I left on a jet plane, knowing when I’d be home again…anyway, no time for song. I tried all forms of self perking….almost. I took a shower and got dressed, I stared at the computer, I read a book, I took a nap, I ate lunch, I drank coffee. Finally I’m all OOOhhhh….I’ll go to Youtube and watch/listen to music…..unfortunately every song only loaded about half way and that was just frustrating. Well, since I’m sure someone is dying to know how I dumped the funk I’ll tell ya. I put in a CD…Amy Winehouse, but she turned out to be depressing so I switched over to Johnny Cash. Much better, I like Johnny he’s cool. Except maybe that one where he keeps shooting Delia, that’s not real cool….but I got the ironing done, quickie vacced everything, and quickie washed most of the floor. Oh and some laundry. Now I need to figure out dinner because we have a choir performance tonight……doh!!! I need to do this in the morning lol, it gets me thinking straight…..I was going to walk tonight, good thing it got canceled, cause I wouldn’t have shown up….not that they can’t do without my presence but it sounds like not many were going to be there so it’s not nice to not show for the one who may be there and then they’d be all alone. And that would be sad. Anyway, I have no idea what I’ve said and I don’t want to know….bottom line, choir performance and girls are over tonight. I think they’re moving but haven’t heard anything official yet, so who knows.

The other day I was going somewhere and was driving down the road and that cool/awful song came on the radio, I don’t know where I was going but it doesn’t really matter. Probably going to get another pair of “stockings” for the wedding, turned out it was a good thing I brought four pairs because the pair I wore to the wedding kept rolling down…nothing like dress tugging, so I pulled out the mega pair for the reception and they worked just fine…..note to self, buy the blasted things about 100 pounds too big. Back to the song, it was that one that keeps tricking me….it comes on and I’m all “hey I like this”, then the BAD part comes on and I want to slap a man…sorry all you nice ones out there lol, I don’t want to slap you. Anyway….nothing like a flock of little girls singing “shush girl, hush your lips….do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips”. First of all I don’t remember Helen Keller being known for talking with her hips? Anyone else? I don’t. The reason I went there lol, was because the next song was Hush Hush by the Pussy Cat Dolls, what’s a pussy cat doll?, which is all “I never needed you to tell me what to do I never needed you to approve of me, complain about me ect”….hmmmm….was that planned by someone in radio land? I thought it was appropriate. I tell my girls not to take it, anyone tells them to shut up, they can shut up on the way out the door. Any man person calls them “girl” and tells them to do the dishes…I don’t know, burst forth in song and sing “that’s not my name”. Nothing wrong with girls doing dishes, mind you, just what goes along with that scenario. Don’t call me “girl”…Sweetie Pie, Princess, Snookie Poo….ok. I’ll take that, but not “girl”. I knew this fellow who called me his Queen, that was weird. Can you imagine going to some guy and saying “boy….mow the lawn” lmao…… Anna wants to drop karate and I’m really trying to keep her in it, she’ll need it……I figure the longer I can keep her going the more she gets out of it. That was one thing I wish I had done, I have no excuse though because the Sensei guy offers free self defense classes to the moms of his students. I’ll get there. Eventually. The kiddies should be crashing through the door any minute, guess I should get them something to eat. Tata.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dang....I missed a trend!!! On the Today show they just proclaimed "it's chic to be cheap"......I've been cheap for years, not cheap as such, frugal, shall we say. I just figure get what you want, don't bother with what's not worth it, but pay for what you'll enjoy. I wouldn't ever enjoy a $3-5 cup of coffee on a daily basis and I don't think I've ever paid "retail" lol. When all this recession obsession started I said "it ain't a recession til my sources are tapped".....I still cruise through the grocery store and get almost everything I need half off lol. Except bulk stuff but that's ok. When people are picking all "my" blackberries and "my" reject apples......then there is a recession. Yes I'm an opinionated **s but it makes my life interesting. But now.....I'm changing my thinking a bit....I spent $20 on a sweater thing, it was hanging there and I said "oooh, I bet that goes with my dress and it might be cold in Chicago....right?". A month ago I would have said nope, not yet....if I wait it'll be 80% off instead of a measly 66%. Of course on the Today show their examples were still outrageous....this would have cost Trina $873 retail but she got it for just $254 consignment". Ooooh. Oh well, I guess I haven't been chic all my cheap life so I guess it won't kill me to not be chic in a not quite so cheap life lol. Oh...wanna know something else I've always said? Doesn't matter, my blog and I get to do anything I want, muaha, and I do always say stuff....what was that term for this kind of blog? Self....something....self, self.....oh dang it. basically self-centered lol, but more eloquent. Anyway, I've always said..."if you can't afford to leave a good tip you can't afford to go out". I used to know someone...ok, I was married to him, who would look for any reason to leave a crappy or no tip at restaurants. I just learned to tip on the sly....he was always all...but we don't have any money...ummmm, then why aren't we having spaghetti at home? Dude? Huh, why? Ay.....whatever. Don't have to worry about that anymore. Tonight is Katie's orchestra concert, it's the all area conglomerate type of concert where the elementary, middle and high school kids all perform. I got called this morning and just may have the girls I babysit tonight too but they are all in orchestra together so that'll work pretty well. I think today I will iron Joe's shirts for next week since I'll BE GONE all weekend!!!! Finish up all the laundry, clean up a bit and go run around, I have a bunch of errand type stuff to do. Yes, that is what I'll do. Good to have a plan.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey people.....I have a doorbell. Why not use it lol. I don't hear knocks as well. Ok, so for a few years we didn't have a doorbell but now we do.....try it. Does anyone want to know the secret to weight loss? I've explained my method to some friends but I think I'll share some more. Keep your clothes uncomfortable.....that's it. We've all heard of the mumu effect right? Hey, I feel good, bring on the cheese.....but when you're uncomfortably aware of your situation then you aren't quite so eager to partake of the goodies. Because remember......nothing tastes as good as tying your shoes without getting out of breath feels. Besides, if your choices are running around naked or fitting into your pants I think you'll make the right decision. Last night we all, not those related to me, but the other we all, the walking we all, went to a little B-day shindig....thank you Vee..dinner was da bomb, very nice...oh and the cream puffs were almost to die for but I'm not ready to die so they were just really dang good. And Happy Birthday and a day to Devon, thank you for getting old so we could go eat Vee's bombing meal? That sounds bad....da bomb is a good thing but to bomb is bad? Hmmmm.....sort of like why will people say a "cute butt" and yet also say "butt ugly"? fart........WHY DO THEY HAVE TO SIT UNDER ME? I'm starting to think about getting ready to go to Chicago......I have a suitcase because I knew someday I would go somewhere. I bought 3 or 4 pairs of nylons, or panty hose, or whatever they're called....I like "stockings" see my nice "stockings"? "Oh dear I have laddered my stockings". Anyway, I have black, I have black that will make me look slim (HA!), I have taupe, and I have that weird pantyhose color......I should be all set, no matter my mood, or what looks good, I should have it. Yes....stockings have always been an issue for me.......Oh and I bought gargantuan ones too so they'll fit....I usually try and squeeze into the normal people size ones. So, I have stockings...bring on the wedding, I'm good to go. Anybody know what the weather in Chicago is supposed to be this weekend.....I figured I'd cover all bases but it would be nice to have an idea. Yeah I know....look it up....don't want to. Um.....I'm gonna see cousins. Doh! oh dilly I am dallying around and I almost forgot about the boys musical animal production at's only 12:30 though so I'm good. Though you'd think the farting dog would be enough musical animals. I love watching the younger kids productions....oh yeah tonight Isaac debuts as Little Billy.....the boy who gets hit by the bus at Cub Scouts. Coolness. Oh yeah...and at 3 I am taking my Mom to get her nails done....all of them, hands and feet. Maybe I should go look at the calendar? Doh.....and karate 4:30 to 5:30. Oh, my neighbor who knocked on the door despite the presence of a doorbell wanted to know if it was ok for him to get some chickens. I guess they're considering allowing us town folk to have 3 chickens in our backyards......dude...I want chickens. they could run around with the dogs. and the kids...then I truly would have a flock. Do you think a cat would eat a chicken? Only problem is I'd be sitting there waiting for eggs to pop out. I like eggs.....can't make breakfast yet...waiting on another egg. For kicks you could offer a buck to the kid who can catch a chicken first and let them out. oh let's see...better get going, don't want to miss the production.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am needing to take a shower. I don't want to though. My niece mentioned that waffle cones were good for breakfast and that started me thinking about eggs...mmmm.....eggs.....but I don't have any eggs. We ate them all. I want chickens, there's a house down the way that has 2 little white chickens running around their front yard....dude. Imagine the workout the dogs would get? Anyway, I made myself some rice and spicy sausage with avocado and was ok. I think maybe I'll pull out my suitcase and figure out what I'm bringing to Chicago...heehee...I'd better not forget anything because I only have $32, if I'm quick I have $, that's mine, I do have that....nm. Sigh......I've vaccumed, washed the floors, done a load of laundry, cleaned up the bathroom and eaten.....oh and figured out dinner, tonights karate and T-ball so we won't be home til about 7 pm, another late dinner but I like eating late, there is something so wrong with eating before's just wrong, so don't try and tell me I have to....because I don't want to. If you do that's ok, I don't judge. Much. OK, maybe I do but more in a sense of I don't want that for my life but if you want it here's some credits to help you out. Dang, I guess I should shower.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I was good lol. Nothing like walking with women who "know" what it's like. I came home about 7:15 ish and plowed through cooking dinner because nobody wanted to eat at 4:30 so I dang well better have it ready by 8:00, and since I want to walk I'd better cover my duties lol. Anyway...we had salmon, those french fingerling potatoes and spring mix frozen veggies. OMG! I don't know what I did but that salmon was da bomb. I just salt, pepper, and dilled it and fried it sort of in coconut oil. It was good. Like really good. So now, we've had dinner cleaned up and the kids are in bed settling down, oh and Joe is sleeping. Which leaves me, here...with the computer and the dogs. Hmmmm.......I haven't really talked to Joe since yesterday so I don't know the vibe that's going on but that's ok I'm feeling pretty good, I really do like my life. The boys class is going to have a choir performance about animals at school on thursday and then thursday night at Cub Scouts they are going to perfom a skit where I guess Isaac is going to play Billy the boy who gets hit by a bus. He's all excited and can re-enact getting hit by a bus very well. So anyway, here I am, listening to Slightly Stoopid with a glass of pomegranate juice with a splash of rum and there's nothing wrong with that. I was wondering cats look at dogs and think how stupid? Or do they just kind of co-exist? Because my dogs get all excited if the cat moves faster than normal and she just looks at them like get a life you stupid mutts. I swear she sleeps in their bed and eats their food just to show them she can, she's a nice cat I'm glad I got stuck with her. The girls I babysit showed up with her one of those horrible rainy November mornings and Joe let her in....never let a stray in your house......ever! Then they are your responsiblity. Like trash, if you pick it up it's yours. Well, anyway, she was really young and it was nasty weather and she never left, so here she is. We fixed her and named her, Princess Twinkle Butt. Actually I named her and the flambouyant vet nurse guy won't call her by her full name. I told him I didn't name her Princess Twinkle Butt for her not to be called it. Now he will, lol. Score for me. Anyway, I really like her, better than these dogs who are always under foot. Farting. Ok, I love the dogs too, but they are so needy it's sad....."oooh ooh love me, me!", the cat on the other hand is all "Hmmmmm....what's in it for me? I'll come over there if I need something or you really deliver on your promises of great things ". Hmmm...much like my choices in other areas lol. Hmmm. Well, anyway....I borrowed some, 5 actually, of my Mom's old Harlequin Romances from the eighties and have been reading them before I go to sleep. Wow. Way back when I was sneaking them they seemed so different, now 20+ years later I'm all "he's a jerk, what are you thinking?", I guess times change and people change. But it is funny how we got into the old brother found a grocery bag full of them in the old cannery field, we found all sorts of stuff in that cans, funny pipes, plums....and probably most importantly the bag O' Harlequins. That field is a nice park now but I'm sure the kids don't have more fun than we did lol. It had a creek and we'd drag crap over there and build bridges and stuff, nothing like a water front field for a bunch of kids to play in. I still have fond memories of the field in Michigan across from our had a TREE! I always wanted to get a mower and make paths in the whatever it was that grows in fields, a couple kids pulling at weeds doesn't really make an effective dent. Well, since I can babble on forever I guess I'll bid you adieu and be on my way. Night.
Alrighty, yes I know I'm not "supposed" to do this, but ya know what....sometimes I have to do what I have to do and I'm doing this because maybe my mom will read it and there will be less oh....confusion later. So, I'm going this weekend to a wedding with $32 at my disposal, thankfully I'm going with my parents so I won't be stuck at the airport or trying to dicker down the hotel rates. This has been well planned and is not a surprise to anyone so my choices are wandering around and crying, but I really don't want to show up and be all morose and weepy, or passing on the joy to you all, whoever you may be. Even though that quiz said I was a bucket doesn't mean I have to keep someone elses issues and Mom, I'll pay you back? Ok, much better...maybe I will walk I'm going to go back and edit lol. brb. Done.
It's monday again, I generally like mondays...though I think I'd feel the same way if it were tuesday, or wednesday.....or even friday. The major room clean out was a major success and the girls room looks really nice and empty, I have a load for Goodwill though lol. Let's see, I've called dog control because I got notices that I need to register the dogs, and was told "oh the computer sends those out without checking", cool...always nice to see efficiency in action.....called and got the childcare stuff straightened out, now I'm here and really hungrybut I don't feel like eating anything. Weird? For today I look into my future and I see laundry, or rather more laundry because I've already done two loads, Goodwill run, my Mom just called to see if "I maybe, possibly, probably not" could take my grandma to the doctors if needed later on, of course I can lol. Let's see, make an appointment, make bread and cookies......oh and major project for today is me and Joe's room.....I already pulled the BB guns out. Why are there BB guns in our bedroom? Anyway, I think I'm going to yank the closet doors because they've been off track since before Afghanistan and it's time, they can join all the other closet doors in the garage. If we ever need a lot of tables all we have to do is get a lot of saw horses lol, and we're set. I'm supposed to go walking tonight but I'm thinking not, I don't feel much like socializing right now, kind of in a "been here, done this" state of mind. Anna is home from school today and is obsessing about a bee in here....I'm gonna go.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big, ambitious plans for today lol. I just told the girls to pull EVERYTHING out of their room, except big furniture, somehow stuff builds up and builds up and builds pull it all out, clean it all up and put it all, well not all.....hopefully about half of it, back. Anna destroyed her dresser, it was from IKEA and they need to be treated delicately, so I commandeered it yesterday and have it in the dining room now as a one drawered cabinet, it looks better than the little loser table that was there, so anyway, may as well get them fixed up nice for a bit. So they're dragging stuff out lol....coolness....I should take a picture. Let them enjoy an empty room for a few minutes, say "Ahhhhh" then drag all the crap back in. I wonder if my birthday is on a weekday? I hope so, then I'll take the kids to the beach, we haven't done that in a long time, I miss that. My brain is sleeping, I don't know what to say. Other than that we are NOT out of toilet paper. We have in the past run out of TP but I am happy and proud to say that right now we have a lot of it. was my Mom's birthday yesterday and we did the chinese restaurant thing, I don't think there was a problem with the tables set-up either...I need to ask my Mom about that. Usually almost everytime we go there, which is relatively frequently, we ask to have two tables pushed together. They almost always say it can't be done, we say yes it can, they say nuh uh, then, in my case I say can I show you? And we procede to show them. I always wonder when they are just going to remember us as the freaky table people? One of the reasons we go there is because we can all sit at the same table....what's the point of going somewhere to eat for an occasion and then sitting separately? May as well not and say you did....maybe eating at your own houses and video conferencing the meal? Anyway, last night seemed hassle-free but we showed up a little late so who knows. I'm hungry. brb. Banana love. You know about the elephant in the room? When there's something that nobody will talk about but everyone is aware of? What's that called in computer land? Elephants won't fit in computers.....viruses are nasty.........hmmm....I'll go think about that.

Friday, May 15, 2009

OK, I sit down to write and kids surround me..."hi"...."hi" I say back, they look at me, I look at them, "what are you doing" they ask....."writing" I say..."how long will it take", asks them....."I don't know" says me......"doaahhhaaaaaaaaach" says them. Anyway, I prevailed and they all went outside where they should be anyway. I took a pork roast out of the freezer the other day and "had" to cook it today, so being in a supreme state of laziness and menstrual to boot, I just put it in a big pot......boiled meat...mmmmmm. It smells really good though, I just want broth and meat but I think I'll shred and spice some up and let the kids have tacos. I need to do something which is backwards because I don't feel like doing anything, I might go help peel wallpaper since I have no kids tonight. I had one but he left after not supposing to be here lol. She called at almost 6 pm and asked if he was here, I said yeah..because he was and she had called and asked me on monday if I could watch him after school monday thru friday, where did she expect him to be? So, I told her.....well, you asked me to watch him, and thought in my semi-grumpy mind because I had just caught the kid peeing on the side of the house and my kid about to, if you had someone at the house dontchya think you should tell me? Why in the world would they pee on the house? "He told me to" doesn't cut seems when this particular child is over that there's a lot of pee related play....I don't get it. Once they built a toilet and were all using it. I don't know.....but what I do know is that I've never had yard potty issues with just my kids. Well, as I kids tonight but the girls for two twelve hour shifts this weekend. I think their mom is going to burn herself out, I hope she doesn't but full time school and wacky work hours will do a number on a person. Katie stayed home from school today, she was wheezing and hacking this morning but I think she felt better by about noon. Whenever I suggested she looked better she managed to work up a hacky wheeze for me. I kind of wanted her to go this afternoon because it was the second day of the "special" health class, the one you have to sign a permission slip for, and I think she wanted to go but was having too much fun at home. I told her she'd never become a woman now and she didn't know if she should believe me or not. My poor kids. Though I do try to make sure I explain my "jokes" to them relatively quickly, sometimes I can't resist, but then you want them to trust you so what's whack job....I mean Mom to do. I think some of them still believe that Smurfs make the toilet water blue though, they didn't believe me but then I pulled out the Smurfing Singsong album and showed them that Smurfs were real. Then they became believers. What's really funny is we've had the last kid go "ah-ha" there is no Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy what have you, but then the boys still try to come up with proof that they're right, like they don't quite want to give up on the concept. I've even had the it's just for fun and if you want to believe that's alright and just never tell other kids because you don't want to ruin it for them conversation, but they still seem to want it. Gooddness gracious it is quiet in here. Anna went to the park with a friend, Katie is in the front yard with "the boy", and Isaac and Jacob are down at Chris's ....the child with everything. Oh, and Joe is snoozing, it's just me myself and whoever you are. I ran some errands today and stopped in at Goodwill because you never know what treasures you'll the Blingkers, though that was Salvation Army, today I was blessed with a pair of green Wolky slip on sandal type things and a pair of nice/plain Dansko for like nothing. I have a pair of Wolky shoes I dream of but they are $@!(....lmao, that's about right lol, but I meant $219. So maybe someday. I'm all about semi-comfort anymore, I never was a shoe horse, but if I can pay and have a pair of good, basic shoes forever I'll do it. Oh, good basic shoes that are comfortable and you can wear as long as you need to. Mmmmmm....boiled meat. Strangely enough, I'm not hungry anymore.....I was starving and figured out all I'd eaten was two eggs and half a bagel. huh. Oh well. Maybe my stomach found something hiding? I'd better go, bye.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh my golly gosh……..can you say chaos? From like 7:55 til 8:00 it is just mass chaos around here… check it out…it’s all me… “Ok, guys, time to go, Isaac get ready…..Jake you got everything, got your hat? Your lunch? Your backpack? Good, out side…..Erin…STOP SINGING and are you ready? Out then, no, don’t bring your violins, wait….did your teacher tell you to? Ok, then bring them…….No? she didn’t say “bring your instruments today?”, ok, then leave them here, yeah I know you have a concert tonight, Isaac where are you…..put some socks on……Jacob you left the door open (dogs escaped)…..Stop SINGING…..Danielle and Katie get your violins OUT of the kitchen…..Isaac, where’s Isaac? ISAAC? GET SOME SOCKS……in the laundry then, I folded a bunch yesterday and if you’d put them away you’d have them in your drawer, here, lunch….shoes….NOW. Erin…outside…how did Jake’s hat get on the roof? Isaac, do you have everything you need? Are you sure? How did you get the hat off the roof? Whatever…..wait for your brother…..Jake get back here….Ok…don’t forget to get Anthony….bye”. Whew. Now I’m going to see if the dogs came back. Yep, there they were eating the cat food I just put out….for the CATS. Funny thing is the cat has started eating the dog food. Anna leaves about a half hour earlier and she just says “bye Mom” and I say “Ok, same time? Have a good day” and out she goes……very nice.

Let’s see, I talked about circuses yesterday and got a bunch of circus ads, I may try the bass thing again but maybe there just aren’t any fish ads out there? Oh well. I went over to my grandma’s house last night with Anna because she’s doing a report on Denmark and needed to talk to a Dane….my Mom was peeling wallpaper over there and she’s a Great Dane (RFLMAO), so we went and helped peel wallpaper, evidently we showed up for the easy room, I guess the other rooms were hellish in their own wallpapery ways… So now instead of old person blue wallpaper the room is a light gold which would have matched the gold carpet of yore delightfully….more yellowy gold than “gold” I guess, but I like the imagery of the Gold room…..much like I cherish the memories of my parents Boud… do you spell that French word that evokes thoughts of a room in a house of ill repute? Bo….bu….well it sounds like boodwa….anyway the red velvet and silver wallpaper was cool. Brb. Ok…..I am really going to get out today and look for a dress because I don’t want to show up at my cousins wedding in my happy jeans and Blingkers. Though the Blingkers do add a touch of class to any outfit……hmmmm. Should I copyright “Blingkers”, or whatever it is you do to protect intellectual property? I wish I could sing……this little 5th grader on the tube just belted out second hand rose……I wanna be able to do that…I just go around whistling really badly probably creating a wrinkly upper lip for my old age. Yes, I will shower and I will go to a store that purveys dresses, I don’t have to worry about dinner because the lasagna I made wasn’t very good, it had too many interruptions………so anyway that means ……...CHOP IT UP, ADD WATER……SOUP!!!! I might throw in some corn….everything is better with corn…..and it’s oh so fun later. Ooh oooh…tomorrow is payday…..that means BILLS!!!!! I love paying bills, I think I’m addicted because I’ll have withdrawals for a few days while I accept that I have to wait 2 more weeks to do it again. I guess it’s not a bad addiction as long as you don’t start sending off bad payments when you shouldn’t……”hey I paid off the house today, tomorrow I’m paying off the car”. I’m not that bad, I can keep myself contained to funds available. Do you think there’s a 12 step program for compulsive bill payers? Just in case. Well, I should go now. Yes….now. Bye.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alrighty, I've got 30 minutes til I need to get ready.....hmmmmm......just talked to my sister and bemoaned team sports, there must be a genetic dislike of organized activities in my family, I'm not sure about the male element but the female element is NOT into it. She, though has the opportunity to send her kid, by opportunity I mean it's offered near her, to CIRCUS CAMP!!!! How cool would that be? "Johnny is going to science camp this summer, oh how nice...little Roland is going to horse camp.......oh he'll just cherish those memories, what about darling Maynard? Oh he just had spend the summer at the Harvard Little Nerd program...awwwwww. Hey....what about your little progeny (is that right?). Oh just wait til you hear this, my child is going to circus an antique circus tent....taught by real circus folk!" I would send my kids, I like circus folk, they're cool. We have that little circus that comes through here every year and it's so cute....the same guys are tightroping, then they run off and come back on the elephant, then it's off to the dome of death......I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when we go because what a perfect life......but then I get sad because it's obviously getting smaller every year and won't be around much longer.....dang video games and cable and DVDs.....nobody appreciates a good death defying neck twirl anymore. I would let my kids educate themselves in the circus arts, because're not losing a normal're gaining a freak show. No, I don't think circuses are freak shows, I just liked the way it sounded. I don't edit myself much here lol, kind of a hit publish then read after.

I go over to the school today and play at prison matron for about an hour and a half then do "data entry" in the office......meaning I input the names of the kids who have to stay after school lol, I know the ones who don't do their work ....a few of Anna's friends are on there....hmmmm....maybe I should offer a little encouragement when I see them? Hey any homework? I'll find out if you do, you may as well do it and not stay after, though some are on the list frequently enough I wonder if they use it as free afterschool care? Hmmmmmm.....
Last time I was there there was a student asking about the after school bus schedule and the office ladies had no idea what they were talking about so I stuck my head out and told them the answer, of course they disregarded me and didn't appreciate my input into their business and proceded with their useless babble...poor kid, she just wanted to find out how to get home. Anyway, vice-principle came in and they asked him and he almost word for word told them what I told them.....score! Ha! Ok, without giving too much info, I just went to the bathroom and as I was leaving I noticed on the TP package it says "flushable"......well good, I'm tired of that stuff we can't flush????? Are people still using catalog pages? I think I'll wear my Blingkers to the school today, or maybe the boots.... I need to get the most use out of them before the weather gets "nice". I don't know what's nice about non boot appropriate weather but it's just one of those things to be dealt with I guess. Toodles.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I did it. I got going, did most of what I should have.......sadly I didn't do the floors, but there's always tomorrow. But I did go to Freddies, then I decided to hit Rainbow and on the way across the street I decided to pop in to the Salvation Army and dude......I step in the door and right there, and I mean RIGHT there is this pair of blingy sneakers, like wow. So I pick them size.....they fit! I buy them.....(they're new, so don't be all "gross..used shoes....", besides I would wear someone elses clean underwear for a day for $100) I have Blingkers!!!! Yeah, I know, get a life.....but I like my life. Right now I'm enjoying a POM iced coffee...apparently, according to the bottle it is "a quintessential coffee experience with an indulgence of antioxidents". Can't go wrong with that. Ew ew.....chunks! Anyway, I was just excited about the Blingkers, they have a bedazzled rhino on the side and say red on them though they are white so that must be the brand lol, red by marc ecko. Whose marc ecko? Google here I come...bye.
Good morning world! I am HUNGRY. I am boiling eggs. My brain is still sleeping, though I did manage to get the kids lunches together with more than just bananas and I did get them all fed but I think that's more just running on habit lol. I just heard on the news that the new comfortable square footage for a family of 4 is 2000 sq ft. Hmmmm......what did it used to be? That's actually a big house for 4 people, my parents is like 2200 and we had 6, mine is 1200 and we have six-ish....of course we do get that bursting at the seams feeling at times. If house sizes keep shrinking as they say what's going to happen to all the monster houses when people don't want them? They are like, huge. I guess you could split a 4-5000 square foot house into 4-5 low income housing units lol. All the "big, fancy" neighborhoods on the outskirts of towns can become the new ghettos and all the well off can move into the smaller, older neighborhoods. Whatever, my eggs are done and one seems......wrong......not sure why it's just not rolling and boiling right. Ok, well.... it seems ok. I got a carton of farm eggs once that "may be a little old" lmao....or sad, whichever, but each one had a little bitty chicky in it. Guess where I'm not getting eggs from anymore. Why did we open them all? Oh yeah, I didn't lol, Joe did, I would have stopped at the first itty bitty chicky, he wanted to see if any were good...ew, ick. Mmmm...yummy, I feel better now.

We went out last night for a bit after walking, Happy b-day and a day Dee, and thank you Vee....put them together and what have you got? NM. Anyway, that was fun, I think my take away from last night will be "banana love"..."smells like chocolate(me).....smells like banana love(Devon)". OK, she really said "van-nillaaaaa", but I don't care. Blogs of this sort are very self-indulgent I'm discovering. This is my world and I like it. heehee. Oh, yesterday we got 20 two cent stamps in the mail from our investment Too bad I went and bought like 800 forever stamps a few months ago......but if I get 2 more two cent stamps I can stick them all on something and mail it.....coolness. Do you think the extra weight from all the stamps would increase the stampage requirement? I do think it was very thoughtful though of the man who's totally aware of the account nose dive to send us 2 cent stamps.......very thoughtful indeed. Thank you investment guy. Ooohh, now I might get financial ads going....better than panties and trannies. I told Devon I was going to start throwing weird words in just to see what, large mouth bass, happens. Maybe someday I'll do that. Bass. If I can get my self going here I'm going to wash the floors then go looking for a dress...I saw these like borderline stripper, large mouth, shoes this weekend but they were on this side of respectability so they were ok, but anyway, they didn't fit. I totally would have bought them if they did, they were super cute. I hate shoes. Oooops, I also have to hit Freddies, they have organic bananas, heeheee....banana love, on sale, and organic strawberries, and butter, and cheese, and pineapples...oooh....and colgate....79 cents, can't beat that. All righty, freddies and dress search. Oh, and the floor. Why can't houses just have grates for a floor, that could be could keep guinea pigs down there too. I guess then I'd have to wash the grate huh? Ok, fine. Joe needs more shirts, then I could just wash them all and iron them once a week and be done, now I have to think about them tomorrow, life large mouth bass is so tough. I'm off, dishes, laundry, bathroom, floors, then the more fun stuff. Yes, that's what I'll do. Buhbye

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hmmmm....monday, day after sunday....hmmmm....oh! We had dip for dinner! Last night, what better dinner for dinner than dip? We went out for breakfast, skipped lunch because nobody made any lol, and I loudly proclaimed that if I was making dinner on Mother's day then we were having dip. Heehee. It was one of those texican 7 layer dealies, so you've got your protien and your produce and your dairy and your grains. Why can't all dinners be so easy? Maybe that will be a new tradition...I'm coming up with all sorts of dip for Mother's day dinner, and Birthday Eve....I'm liking this. Maybe I'll start having the kids save all their teeth that fall out all year and put them out for Santa because our Tooth Fairy has issues, she (or he) is very unreliable. Well, anyway, we madeit through relay day, Katie's team got 7th and Danielles team got eighth placers this year. While I was at the races, Joe still hadn't found out how to get 8 people to Washington in 7 seats, yeah I know....squish them in. No. Don't want to, not worth it. Personally I don't see what's wrong with saying "hey, can't make that's way too out there to be reasonable". I showed down with an Auntie once lol, she ignores me now. Bossy so and so she is anyway. Anyway anyway, Joe calls...he needs me to go with him to get the van he came up with, between Katie's run and Danielle's we scoot out to the airport to pick it up. I'm thinking 8-seater van, ok...whatever...he rented a 12 seater silver monster van. Wow. After I got done going "wow", then a brief spell of laughter and the kids getting over their awe we trucked home, changed everyone, got back in time for the race, piled in and took off for the mystery wedding, I never did find out who the groom was til we were leaving.....turns out he was the tipsy guy who wandered through a few times.....good to know. I'd pinpointed the bride cause she was in the big white dress, I think if I got married with a one year old on my hip I'd take advantage and wear.......ok, so I've done that except with 2 one year olds lol and all I wore was a brown skirt and halfway ugly shirt in my living room, but I like to think I would wear something really colorful....and shiny.....but then we didn't have a maybe I would have. Given the chance. Not that I want the chance. Mind you. Anyway, I think the whole concept of virginal white needs to change. Maybe it has? Well, we trucked on up there, came up with all sorts of names for the van (the cabin cruiser, the hummer, the CTU or Child Transport Unit, the babe magnet chick car, the Carvee and who knows what else) and listened to teeny bop music while following incorrect Mapquest directions...turns out there is no exit 30b....but there is an exit 9, which we were supposed to take....but we got there just in time for food. Perfect if you ask me. Now the kids want a CTU and it was pretty intoxicating having all that space back there, seeing little Isaac all alone in the back seat just grooving along. Unfortunately then I envision my self driving it to the grocery store and trying to reach the screen at the drive thru ATM, and the temptation wanes a little.

I got some wonderful child art for Mother's day of course....two little ceramic bowls made out of outlines of the boys hands and cards with coupons for me...Jake gave me a "fee hug, a fee kiss, a fee foot rud, and he'll set the table", Isaac gave me "rest, !,? and TV", apparently that means I can take a nap, watch TV whenever I want and then have 2 wild cards to boot. So sweet lol. Katie's teacher was slacking lol, they just made cards with sayings printed on and decorated. She did add that "I rock" but the she said she chose that printout because the other one she had to write 10 things about me and that the one she chose was easier. How sweet. Anna bought me 2 plants at the school plant sale, gave me a bowl she made in ceramics and made a card with a list of thank yous such as "making me do the dishes after dinner, go to my friends house, teaching me how to save money, making dinner for us, having us eat at the table as a family, my kindness (hmmmm?) to us, and for being the world's best mom" awwww how sweet. Then at the bottom she wrote "not normal (in a good way)". Hmmmmm....... OK, lol. It's very quiet here....I can hear the clock ticking...kind of eerie.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, good morning...nothing like early morning cup battles....six kids, about 300'd think nothing but good could come from it but nooooooo, there has to be that one kid who just has to knock everything down. I got this box of 1000 paper cups at a garage sale a few years ago and have had them sitting around ever since, I have this irrational guilt (I know, I don't believe in guilt but in realilty I don't believe in the perpetuation of guilt, if you feel guilty you're doing something wrong so change it) anyway, I have this irrational guilt over using paper cups for no reason, so I kept them, and kept them.........and kept them. Finally I decided to get rid of them and have been giving them to people, not like randomly on the street, but people I knew who might not be bothered by them, and a bunch of tubes went to Goodwill. I'd kept 4 tubes and they kept falling on me whenever I opened the cupboard, *^&^%96 blankety blank cups!!! The last time they fell on my I guess I had an a-ha moment and gave them to the kids, with these. And play they have, for like 3 days now.....muahahaha. Well, hey.....destructo child seems to have settled down, cool.

Today is the Kid Relays...whoop whoop, dang it destructo child is back in action, he just can't let the other kids be, anyway.......2 kids running, twice the fun. It's kind of cool, 2 hrs of sitting followed by "oh....there she is, behind that guys head...over there.....dangit sit down.....oooohh...they're running go go go........ahhhh". We get to do that TWICE this year lol, Jake got confused about tryouts otherwise we would have three times the joy. Kids, if you read this I really don't mind, just like to gripe a bit. It's good for the soul. Besides if I do it here Joe doesn't have to listen to me....he's very serious. Lifesource is also doing its food fest thing but I think I'm gonna have to pass this time, I'm gonna miss all the sample collecting lol, I come home and dump all the organic pet food into my vats, heehee....simple pleasures. let's see what am I doing today, I gotta figure that out.....I'm going to walk because I want to, relays from 1 to about 5, then wedding up in Washington at 7, so between now and 7 we (Joe) need to come up with an 8 person vehicle because none of the kids wanted to hang onto the luggage rack, young whippersnappers. I wonder if we could get away with dressing two in the same shirt and calling them conjoined? Four of them are twins after all. Hmmmmmm......

I am going to go boil me some eggs....because I'm getting hungry, and I can......and I like eggs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

OK, so I dug this thing back out, it's been a few years and I'm going to try not to use it as a bitching format lol, but who's all about the mood. Anyway, it's 9:00 and my other half is somewhere else, I'm not going to bitch though because you make your choices and get to live with them, on top of that you can't change who people are. So, whoop de doo, here I am. Dinner was good, the only thing complained about were the mushrooms....of course how can you complain about chicken, rice and salad, small victories.....grab them and enjoy. I just wish life would space itself out a little better, tomorrow is the Kid relays...used to be Jaycees but I guess they pulled their support. What are the Jaycees anyway? Are they like the shriners? Anyway, Katie and Danielle run tomorrow sometime between 1 and 5, then someone is getting married up in Washington. Groan. Okay I don't mind a wedding where the stars need to be pointed out but we get to bring Danielle and Erin along because their mom won't be home til 7:30 or so, then straight from sitting in the bleachers for 4-ish hours....I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bri -iiight, bleh. I'm bitching aren't I? I'm not meaning to. I just need a gay boyfriend. Then everything would be wonderful.