Sunday, March 18, 2012

Uh huh,'re just here because I have cheese.

    I get a piece of cheese and Surely shows up.  Typical.  Anyway, Hi!!!  Been awhile but I'm Ba-aaaack.  What's his name is still "incarcerated", tomorrow he pleads not guilty or so I've heard.  Ok.  Tomorrow is also the day I should get to get the visitation modified to none.  Fingers crossed.  Also the day Anna gets enrolled in the Early College High School.  I took the day off so we'd darn tootin' better not have a snow day.  Anyway again....sweet brother O mine, if you're reading go away, anyone else I don't care you know what you're in for lol.  The reason I do this is because it's protective in a way......someone wants to complain about the "crap" I feed the online, wanna complain about the rags the kids are wearing ok, pics posted.   Wanna flip out.....go ahead.  It won't be a secret, much.  That's why I started lol....wanna up and disappear for a month, go ahead.  Then....and became kind of fun.  Don't know who reads it, don't care.  I have decided though that I need a bucket list with some more fun stuff on it.....I've done the basics.  Anyway, gibberish aside. 
     He's still in jail, kids seem to be doing great.  Isaac is doing awesome in school, teacher has remaked on his improvement in getting work done in a timely manner, scored a 241 on the State reading test when 226 is exceeding, whatever that means, and just in general seems to be doing ok.  Jakes' teacher comments have turned from generally good to "wow, could he be any better" ones. Jake signed up for baseball without his brother which I wasn't sure he would want to do but he had no problem with it.  Of course someone wants to say they are "suffering psychologically" from the situation and need counseling, but if anything they have been knocked for a loop and have taken it as a sign to behave which could be good or bad.  Both are used to the ups and downs and inconsistencies so I don't really think this was much of a surprise to them.  Girl got over her spate of wild-childism of a couple years ago and has been acting incredibly responsibly.  She applied and got accepted at the early College HIgh School so as she puts it, she can get away from the kids who just want to mess around and be with kids who want to learn and graduate with a large chunk of college credits to boot.  Ok, the "to boot" was my addition.  I like tho say "to boot" but then I like boots.  She's volunteering with an eye towards references when she needs them and is generally just thinking about stuff.  Other girl is taking first girls lead and planning on Early College and has started the same volunteer stuff, she's still on the honor roll and again and generally self sufficient in getting her stuff done.  Oh yay......sick boy.  Haven't dealt with cookie tossing in awhile......but he's back in bed.  Probably gonna be hungry in the morning lol. 

I guess my train of thought is something along the lines of "you ain't gonna mess us up this time either though I must admit this is the most impressive attempt yet.".   As Anna says, "If I don't do well he wins".  Sad but go girl.