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OS - I seem to be busy?

 Posted Date: : Jun 22, 2007 7:34 AM
     Hey, it's been awhile since I've managed to be online for any length of time at all lately and Rachel seems to be mad at me for desertion.  Please, please don't hate me because I'm busy…or was it beautiful?  Those were the dumbest commercials.  But anyway, we went and got Joe a week ago Thursday up at Fort Lewis and he had the weekend free but had to go back up for 3 days so we all went along.  I'm just going to call this the summer of the free hotel room.  Now we're back home for a four day leave of which my brothers ******THREE DAY WEDDING BONANZA****** consumes most of.  Imagine the title there in an echoey, circus announcer voice because that's how I hear it in my head every time I think it.  It's much more entertaining than "my brothers getting hitched".  After the last of the marital events Joe has to get back up to Fort Lewis again and I guess we'll find out what his real schedule is going to be sort of.  Gotta love the total chaos of the military.  PUT WOMEN IN CHARGE!!!!!!!  >
     Let's see, the ******THREE DAY WEDDING BONANZA****** starts at 11 am today with a Bridal Luncheon up in Portland to which my mom, myself and the girls are going to, couldn't finagle invites for the out of town aunt and lifelong family friend lmao.  I actually have a complete outfit to wear……including shoes…..I NEVER have that.  I just went and bought what I needed.  It really did help that I was commanded to "spend every f&%$ing dime".  I took it to heart lol and the commander has realized his mistake…muahahahaha.  Actually the outfit wasn't much, it was the little beaded necklace from the cute French store.  Anyway, next on the list of events of the ******THREE DAY WEDDING BONANZA****** is the rehearsal dinner for 78 (lmao again), don't have to go to the rehearsal…..whew, at 6 pm back in Salem in my parents backyard.  And it's not buffet stand around……leave it to my mom to find the complex way.  She really does a good job though…kind of a Martha without the business sense.  Next day, actual nuptials, again…..up in Portland.  They've got the place like all day so I guess we'll nuptial til late in the night.  None of this get in 2 hour wedding stuff lol.  That always puzzled me how people will spend so much then have a 2 hour party…oh duh…..I know why… booze at so many.  What exactly does a roomful of sober strangers do for more than 2 hours?  Definitely not a Conga line.  Ok……so now the damage is done and I have another sister-in-law, we go back to Salem.  Enter Sunday…..the last of the ******THREE DAY WEDDING BONANZA****** events……the after ceremony brunch, you guessed it….back in Portland.  I'm actually looking forward to the whole thing because I didn't do squat, my kids are all big enough to take care of themselves and behave and I have clothes.  And so do the kids.  That is so nice to have just gone and bought what everyone needed and not be piecing together crap lol. 
     I've got the bridal luncheon outfit, denim skirt, brown tank, and orangey sleevless sweater thing with the cute little beaded necklace.  Which really is just so cute…maybe I'll post a pic?  For the wedding I have black Capri/skirt/guachos with a black and white shirt and again SHOES!!!!!!  Black sandals with about a 2 inch heel, lmao.  Sorry Joe, but I've decided I can't wear ugly/uncomfortable shoes all my life, I'll just keep a bit of distance so I don't tower too badly.  The brunch though I'm just wearing my denim capris and hot mama shirt.  I also got the lucky couple a gift lol, went to the registry and said I have this much….give me dishes, so I spent $100 and got 4(or 6?) dessert plates, 2 cups and 2 saucers.  Stress dishes.
     Right after the brunch we're heading back to Washington with Joe and will spend some more days until we know what's going on.  Tuesday there's a family deal on base so I'll take the kids to that, other than that my sister lives in Seattle so maybe spend a few there, hit the zoo up there, nothing like seeing strange tigers and monkeys you know.  And really, I'm all for hanging out in a hotel room with cable and a pool and no housework.  Even if Joe gets sick of us hanging around that's just too bad because again…'s the summer of the free hotel room and I intend to take advantage. 
     I'd better get going I guess, it's 7:30 and I got 2 girls to get up…..I'll just send in the dogs heehee.

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