Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - itchitchitch

Posted Date: : Oct 18, 2007 9:39 AM
My Face itches again.  Dangit.  Other than that let's see…..Katie got her first "you're pretty", Isaac has mastered phonograms, Jake needs a raincoat, and Anna is turning 12.  Katie came home from school the other day and said she walked home with Joey, the neighbors grandson who I believe is 7, and I guess he thinks she's pretty, has nice hair and a cool backpack.  She is pretty, her hair is nice when she washes it (I strongly suspect an occasional lack of washing but now that it's been deemed nice by someone else maybe that won't happen anymore), and her back pack is rather "rockin".  Yesterday Isaac taught himself to spell all and by the end of the day expanded that to hall, wall, tall, mall, gall, hallway, and holiday.  Jake needs a raincoat because he apparently  likes the rain.  All the others manage to stay under the umbrella but Jake is out there seemingly trying to get wet in every possible way which isn't a good way to arrive at school.  I'm looking for one of those clear bubble type umbrellas for Isaac because he on the other hand likes to stay dry.  Anna turns 12 on Sunday and I need to get my act together, one friend and my kids to Gilbert House, family over for dinner afterwards, not too complicated.  Of course she wants clam chowder, again.  15 people in my house stresses me out.  Especially 15 people trying to eat soup.  I also have cake aspirations, I haven't made a cake in so long so we'll see.  I can do it, yeah…..sigh.  Maybe I'll wash floors first.  I like cupcakes myself, cute little easy cupcakes.  Ok, I'll finish the Halloween costume relish, put away the sewing machine, wash the floors and make the friggin cake. 

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