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OS - Boys stink

Boys stink
Posted Date: : Jul 1, 2007 1:58 PM
    Because I'm a girl I speak from my perspective…..boys stink.  I was standing at Walgreens today in line getting the last minute crap for Anna to take to camp, cheap flashlight that may last the few days, flipflops to serve as "shoes that can get wet", 25 cent water bottle because I hate water bottles and always end up donating them to Goodwill, and a disposable Pooh Camera because the two real ones she has have never worked.  Anyway, I'm standing there and there's this middle aged couple in front of me, the lady sees some straws that flavor milk when you drink through them, strawberry, chocolate whatever your fancy, and got all stoked, like "I haven't seen these in forever" and obviously got some flavored milk straw rush of a good memory from them.  Whatever, they were only $2 for a box.  She never even asked to get them and the guy goes "you don't need those", and she goes "maybe we can get them for Jeremy", and I'm thinking "prick".  I think that a lot lately. I motioned to the lady like I'd toss a box in the basket and she laughed and said she'd come back later and get some.  OK….here's a question, why can't the lady get the flavored milk straws?  They had a basket of other crap so it wasn't poverty, you know if the man wanted something he would just get it.  Why does she have to come back to get something?  If flavored milk straws float her boat isn't it a cheaper happy than the assorted pharmaceuticals that are so popular and don't really seem to work?  Pre-deployment I would do that, figure it was easier.  What's a little self-respect anyway?  Post-deployment I haven't given up control of the money yet and plan on never being without my own again.  Only took me two hubbies to figure that one out.  First hubby's shining moments of generosity were the $1.25 string of beads I "didn't need".  No I didn't "need" them, I wanted them and for pity's sake it was our honeymoon, camping lmao.  The second stand out huh moment was the 75 cent strudel at the Octoberfest.  Um….who "needs" a piece of strudel anyway?  I "wanted" a piece of strudel.  Did I mention that was first hubby?  As in no more hubby, I just moved on and married another one….smaa-aaaart. 
     I may as well keep the stinky boy thing going.  I'm being punished again….I dared to question bitchymilf87 and lisamona and their presence in the computer, now mind you I don't care who or what he does, my only request is that he tell me and I have no confidence that he will.  Hence the silent treatment………not really such a bad deal anymore.  I'm just trying to decide if I call and see if he wants us up for the fourth, go as planned, or just ignore him and take the kids to the beach.  Hmmmmm…..  You know, the whole MILF concept is just weird.  Why would anyone want to be one?  And why in my hubby's opinion does he call hooker looking gals MILFS?  Isn't the concept that they are MOMS and therefore mom-like?  Moms don't look like hookers as a rule.  Do they?  Ok, shaking myself off here and moving on.  Actually think I'm done for now, I may just sit back with Slightly Stoopid and a cup of coffee and look at the mess surrounding me. 

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