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OS - Se la vie

Se la vie
Posted Date: : Feb 8, 2008 1:13 AM
I saw the funniest thing on the way to the movie last night, this youngish guy….hooded sweatshirt (are they "hoodies" when guys wear them?), slouchy jeans, hands in pocket…..walking down the street in the rain surrounded by four unleashed perfectly groomed white puffball mini poodles.  These dogs weren't just walking along sedately but bouncing around the guy and each other like little circus dogs, I looked around for a mini car but there wasn't one unfortunately.  Oh well, it was funny.  I went and saw Into the Wild which was very good by the way…….makes you want to run off to Alaska.  Or join a nudist colony, one or the other.  I was stupid and ate spaghetti with the kids so I wasn't hungry and didn't get to get the chicken nachos but I did try their deserts, marian berry pie ala mode……eh, it was good enough but nothing like the chicken nachos.  I'm more of a savory kind of gal. 

The boys 6th birthday is coming up and while I've burnt out on the full class parties by now, not to mention with 2 boys and 2 classes that would mean 42 kids, I think I'll run with the good old fashioned at-home-pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-cupcake-and-party-hat type of thing and let them each invite 3-4 friends.  Which means invitations……oy.
I told Danielle and Erin to come over tomorrow to make Valentines with my kids because Katie was going on about how she "just couldn't wait for Valentines" and Danielle was saying she wished it was March already, which means they would be showing up with nothing to school when all their friends had Valentines.  I hate when parents do that because face it, no matter how poor you think you are a pack of cigarettes would buy a couple packs of Valentines and your kids could take part.  Besides all you really need is a pile of scrap paper, some glue, and a pen.  
It's coffee with Grandma day.  Katie's going with me.  She's doing really well with everything and clearing out her house like mad because my parents are building an addition for her to move into sometime this summer and she's all stoked about her new place.  My mom told me now was the time to add on to our house because we could get it furnished with the overload.  Dangit because my Grandma has an awesome couch and my parents an awesome red leather chair and ottoman.  Se la vie.

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