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OS - Freezer

Posted Date: : Feb 27, 2008 10:14 AM
Okay, so I Freecycled the old bad feelings towards it just practicality.  I bought the upright last spring because I wanted an upright and hey, he joined the Army which I believe allows wife to buy appliances if they want.  I'm pretty sure I heard that at one of the meetings.  Or maybe it was something else...hmmmmmm.   Well, regardless I bought an upright, not a fancy one just a basic deal and I love it but I have been saying for a year now that I am getting  rid of the old one as soon as I get around to emptying it out.  Which I didn't do but I posted it on Freecycle and someone wanted it so I dumped it out and viola, I have space.  Which is another matter, can one who DOESN'T have to go into the garage with laundry baskets or ever complain about the one who has to deal with it?  I don't think so, but anyway, I did screw up just a tiny bit.  I forgot about the 500 or so Mackerel we caught last summer that were in there so now I do have a slight issue but I'll figure it out lol. 
My reasons for ditching the freezer are 1.)  I don't care for the cavern of chest freezer, there's always something down there you can't find, 2.)  we don't need 2 freezers  3.)  if we are possibly going to have Tiffany ever stay with us we need to start figuring out space and it's silly to have stuff we don't need making us all squished  4.)  I guess we could have turned it into a bed but that's just silly  5.)  I don't value myself on how many appliances we own, it's not an indicator of wealth to have 2 freezers  6.)  now the fish will get used and not just freezer burn into obscurity can you freezer cooked fish?  7.)  I gotta go cat appointment (scam).
Now see Joe, I didn't mention you once, nope, I didn't.

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