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OS - Enter Kitty Kitty

Enter Kitty Kitty
Posted Date: : Dec 3, 2007 12:38 PM
So the girls show up at 6:30 this morning with a soaking wet kitten.  "Our mom will let us keep her, we know she will".  Uh huh.  So despite my policy on strays being that they are like litter, not comparing strays to garbage for any PETA minded folk out there, but if you take it into your house you are responsible for it.  Much like trash, if you pick it up it's yours til you find a trash can because once you pick it up you can't throw it back on the ground because then you become the litterer.  Anyway, I kind of hope Mom says ok but at the same time hope not because well, I just do.  No, I don't really want a cat, it's just the responsibility thing.  The school already called because Katie was all itchy.  I had them wash her up and send her back to class and since I haven't heard anything since I guess she's just allergic to cats like me.  Ah choo.  
My girls and I walked down to Northern Lights last night and saw Stardust, we got our Christmas tree and saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile.  That about covers the weekend, except the part where Joe took the boys to his parents house and the girls and I cleaned up.  Which was the precurser to the walk to Northern Lights.  Like a bribe.  Um.....bye.

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