Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Snow Day

Snow day
Posted Date: : Jan 28, 2008 9:46 AM
Six kids, no school, maybe an inch of snow.  Maybe.  Of course they want to play in it because this is here and we rarely get any.  I know they will only be out there for about 2 minutes before they are bored/cold, or someone starts crying because they have snow down their coat.  So I made a brilliant plan for today.....6:30 am, start in on how they need to behave like they are in a  house and stop being monkeys.  7:30 am, break out the box of crap and see how long they will spend sticking trash together with masking tape, it's amazing how much they love the box of crap.  While they are creating crap art, feed them.  Oatmeal by popular demand......with request to put nothing tasty in it followed by "this tastes bland".  Well duh.....but since I'm not a proponent of childhood diabetes they can only cover the dullness with a gross amount of sugar rather than an obscenely disgusting one.  By now they've been whining about playing in the snow long enough that I can strike a deal.......conditions being you have to all help getting everyone ready and you have to stay out for 30 min.  Ahhhh.....silence.  For the rest of the day I'm counting on meaness and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  I think the girls go home at 4 today so just 7 more hours to go.  Ok, in reality they are good kids, just lacking what I've been trying to drill into my kids heads since they were born.  Which makes for a chaotic day of broken stuff or a day of me playing whack-a-mole.  One of the little darlings just knocked......muahahaha....they still have 11 minutes.  My Aunt Angie used to lock all of us outside, I remember standing outside looking in the windows.  Those were the days when it was socially acceptable for kids to play outside.  Last random thought here, who (my neighbor) shovels snow when there is maybe an inch of snow?  Why bother?  It'll be gone soon and if it isn't it's a miniscule amount that can't possibly warrant shoveling.  Hmmmm......

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