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OS - Questions and a biy of kvetching

Questions and a bit of kvetching
Posted Date: : May 13, 2008 9:07 AM
OK, myspace apps.  What are they?  Are they just another form of spam?  Are real people sending these things out?   My computer is too messed up to be trying to figure out how much some one thinks I'm worth as a pet.  Yes I've clicked on the things, under duress, to see what they were.  All I get is a page that says this app wasn't created by Myspace and hey get it for youself.  Why?  I can't see what they are, why do I want it?  Why do I want a glitter box?  What's in it for me?  I get a comment or email saying I sent you a glitter box (or comment, or you bought me, or lord knows what else) and that I should click here to see it, I think I should see it.  Don't you?  So, why would I get my own glitter box when I just see it as a spam ploy to get you somewhere you don't want to be?   
Isaac is home from school again with  pink eye and he's  been working on his home work.  One of the questions was if you could teach people anything what would it be?  Know what he would teach the world?  I'm not sure if he's a good little politician or a mobster.  But my boy would teach the world to "PAY YOU'RE TAXES OR I'LL WHACK YOUR BACK".  Nice.
Anyway, here goes the kvetching.  Why do people not get basic common courtesy?    Why do they think you live only for their convenience?  Ok that may be a little overboard but really.  If you watch someone's kid don't they have the obligation to keep you informed?  I feel like I need to be where I say I'll be when I say I'll be there if I'm going to watch someone's kid.  So wouldn't it follow that if you say you'll drop your kid off at a certain time that you would expect me to be there?  It works the other way too.....if you say you'll need me at 7-ish to 9-ish, then show up at 7-ish, or call, or something.  Don't show up at 9-ish and expect me to drop everything for the rest of my day.  Also don't line me up for a weeks babysitting, then have an uncle visit and just blank out on the fact that I've arranged my life based on when your kid is supposed to be here......and don't be surprised after the 3rd day of no show no call that I decide to go to the beach and just may not be there when you are supposed to drop off your child.  So, as you may have guessed.....there has been an big deal really just "hello....get with it people".  First Danielle and Erin didn't come this morning, I figured they might not because their Grandfather was visiting, but since Mom didn't feel the need to let me know I get up at 6 instead of 7 to be ready when they get here.  Now I get to wonder, are they coming after school?  Usually when they don't come in the morning they don't come after school but since mom didn't deem it important enough to let me in on it I don't know.  Remember what I said about planning my life around when other people's kids will be over?  Well today immediately after school I have to get Katie to the high school for Jaycee relay practice.  So do I wait around for Danielle and Erin or do I just assume they aren't coming and go as soon as Katie comes home?  How long do I wait?  I don't want to be made into a flaky parent who can't get their kids where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to because other people can't get it together.  Yes I could call and say hey what's up?  I could, but I'm like why should I do the tracking down and more or less apologizing when I'm the one doing the favor.  Which I am, I guess I need to get over the "yeah I can do that" thing and say "sure, $5 an hour, bring your own food because your kid is picky, I charge for no shows, ect".  Problem is I don't really mind doing this stuff, I'll pick bugs out of your kids hair, go pick them up, drop them off, feed them, talk to them, help them with homework...whatever, really I don't mind.  BUT.......I'm not a servant....I do need to know when you will be dropping off your little progeny, it's just kind of a duh thing.  Oh girl didn't show up either, no biggie except I spend a good 15 minutes looking out the window and change my morning schedule around and then.......nothing.  Argh and phbbbllltttttt.

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