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OS - I have way too much sugar

I have way too much sugar
Posted Date: : Jul 11, 2007 1:36 PM
     I have Sucanat, unrefined cane sugar, agave syrup, honey, brown rice syrup, molasses, palm sugar, brown sugar, two kinds of powdered sugar, tons of hotel room packets (I threw the pink packets away, not sure what they were), and plain old white sugar I give to those I don't like.  Along with the 2 corn syrups, that goes to people I don't like too.  I was struck by this knowledge cause I was sitting in my hot house (85 degrees inside) drinking hot coffee thinking maybe that wasn't the smartest thing and decided to do something foo foo to my coffee.  I'm generally black only, once I was shopping and a Starbucks person came around with samples and they asked me if I wanted a caramel-mocha-hoozy-whatzit topped with a blop of something resembling cool-whip.  I'm not to familiar with the fancy coffee world and I was taken by surprise but I just looked at the poor kid and said OMG WHAT?  Now turn the whole thing into a brownie or something ok, but caramel in coffee?  Is that normal?  Anyway I now have my quart jar of foofoo coffee and wish I had some ice.  I ended up with 2 cups of coffee, palm sugar, sucanat, and brown sugar, and 2 cups of goat milk, not too bad over all.  Big, but not too bad.  Could be colder.
     Joe is up at Fort Lewis alone this week, he drove his beast truck up because we couldn't figure anyway to drive him up and get him back logically with other stuff going on.  I got the joy of getting the kids to work and performing a complete house clean-up and clean-out before he gets home on Saturday.  If they do well he's going to pay each kid $10 to take to Disney so I have a bribe to back my efforts up somewhat.  But it really doesn't help that we're having our more than likely hottest weather right now.  I don't care that other parts of the country hit 100 regularly, it's not supposed to do that here so I can whine.  Anyway, my parents summer party is on Saturday night, I'm making a chicken salad I stole from Pampered Chef (I still think the only way to pamper a chef is to not make them cook) and Joe is making lomi-lomi salmon, I don't know if that's spelled right because I've never spelled it.  Next day is Disney.
     I finally called Joe up and said hey, can I get something planned?  I'm all for the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type trip but doing something as spendy and far away as Disneyland I'd prefer to have something lined up and not end up sleeping in the van once we get there.  We have almost 2 weeks to blow so once we get the 3 Disney days out of the way we have about a week to head north and see what happens along the way.  Then I don't mind sleeping in the van lol.  So anyway, I lined us up for 4 nights, an extra just because I wanted to muahahaha, at the Portofino.  It's pretty…..yellow…..looks like Jamaica…..and the lobby floor looks shiny.  I got the kids suite which means the kids have their own room, or the adults have their own room…..however you want to look at it.  That means that I don't have to watch Spongebob if I don't want to.  I'm sure it means other things too.  How many people do you think take the shower caps in hotel rooms?  I always do.  Why?  I don't know.  I like to wash my hair when I take a shower……and if for some reason I don't want to wash my hair I just don't stick my head in the water. 
     Once things get back to normal I have a tur-duc-hen to cook.  I got it half price and stuck it in my freezer……15 pounds of a strange meat product……mmmmmmm.  Things may not get back to normal for a while though, Joe had his eye appointment and they said he needs eye surgery so that's just one more thing to get taken care of under the highly efficient auspices (?) of the military health care system.  Not complaining mind you, we make out like bandits on the deal but it doesn't seem to be cost effective.  He's been stuck up in Washington since June 13th and I don't think they've really done anything much yet to him.  Maybe he just hasn't told me, I don't know…..they said he qualified for being sent home and being treated locally so it seems like they would get that moving so they don't have to pay his hotel room to have him up there doing nothing.  Oh well.
     Good golly it's hot in here, still only 85 though.  Joe called and wanted me to buy a lottery ticket lol.  I never buy lottery tickets.  Maybe I'll win.  Well Katies friend just called and wants Katie to come over so now I need to shower and crack the whip on the room cleaning so she can go.  Why are kids so messy? 

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