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OS - It's dead

It’s dead
Posted Date: : Mar 12, 2008 9:18 AM
It’s not coming back.  I am sad.  Why did the boy have to mess with my camera?  I love my camera.  I tried last night to take pictures of dinner for Carolee but it didn’t work, just black.  Now I’m trying all the methods of digital crap repair.  I threw it around a bit and now I will let it sit and ignore it for a month or so then I’ll see if it works.  I lust for the days when you could buy something and actually HAVE a few years later.  Why do I want to buy a phone that will be breaking in a couple years?  I don’t, that’s why I’m prepared.  My parents bought a new, high tech piece of junk phone with 4 handsets so they gathered up all their others and now I have them, muahahaha.  In there was a of those corded dealies I think was my dad’s office phone when I was growing up, if my camera decides to work again I’ll take a pic.  Now I just need to find an old answering machine, one of those ones with a cassette tape and I’m ready for the digital crap out that I know is coming.  You may be thinking I’m crazy but I’m not, maybe just a bit, but my brother has told me if I decide I don’t want it to give it to him.  I guess that could just mean that crazy runs in families I guess.  I just don’t like being at the mercy of some company that is perfectly able to make a good product but wants you to go buy another one as soon as possible, it’s manipulation.  ......and so unable to bitch about what really matters, she bitches about electronics...............though she really is saddened by the death, unneccesary  as  it was, of her camera. 
I have two conferences for Anna today, 3:30 and 8:30, fun.  Speech and general, I want to get her out of speech I think she’s run her course there.  Dammit....Nursery just called, only 2 people showed up.  Why are people so unreliable?  Why can’t they just get it together?  Someday I’m just going to say screw it all take care of yourself.  Okay, excuse my language, I’m off to take care of little darlings.   

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