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OS - 18 years later

18 years later
Posted Date: : Jun 25, 2008 10:21 AM
I got a phone call oh, about 45 minutes ago from this fellow I met when I was 19.  He hadn't called for a few years because he left his phone on the roof of his car and drove off and lost it and had to go to Egypt to dig through old papers to find it again.  Um.  That's all, just um.  The reason I bring this up is because I'm wondering what is up with me that I would run far and fast from the guy who thinks I'm just so wonderfully perfect that I could never do any wrong and marry twice to men who think I need to prove myself worthy to be in their presence?  Maybe it was too scary up on the pedestal, it would be a long fall I guess.  He brought me a pineapple once....I like pineapple.  Back on my 23rd or 24th birthday he sent me this huge bouquet of flowers and hubby at the time....Dorkbutt, not the One Who Mustn't Be Mentioned.....didn't even notice, or rather figured I bought them myself.  Yup...bought myself mongo flowers.   I guess I know where to go if I ever feel like sitting on a pedestal.
Anna and Katie both have their mouth gear in place now, Anna just has normal braces but Katie has an expander thing in that will widen her mouth and make room for all her teeth.  I have to crank her head every morning which isn't as fun as it sounds, at first I was all this is ok, but now I'm afraid of breaking her.  She doesn't seem to mind much though, says it just hurts for a minute then goes numb.  Alrighty.
I explained to Isaac this morning what balls were, but not Jake.  Need to fix that lol.  "You stepped on my balls"  "what balls, I don't see any balls".  I just say why?  How?  and don't.  Now I must shower and go get grapes and cantaloupe.  and sugar.  sweet sweet sugar.

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