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OS - Fanny Chanal

 Fanny Chanal
Posted Date: : Jun 4, 2008 2:58 PM
That's going to be my name if I ever need a new one.  Fanny Chanal.  Of course now I've given myself away if I embark on a life of crime.  Sh*t.  I'm tired, I think I had a case of the know when you just sit/lay there with your arms flung out making that hhhhuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhh sound?  I had that.....for three days.  Now I'm catching up on laundry.  We have a graduation to go to tonight......hhhhhhuuuuucchhhhhh.  I think instead of going to graduations, because you're supposed to graduate, there should be public humiliations for those that don't graduate, could be more interesting.  I guess they get to deal with enough after not graduating lol.  OK, fine go to graduations, I just haven't gotten over sitting through my own yet.  The kids are going to love it so.  I'm not too chipper right now......shoot me or something.   
I keep trying to work out how to get a week alone.  It doesn't work....where can you send all your kids and husband for a week?  At the same time?  Can they all go into cold storage?  Hmmmm......I guess I just wait til the boys start first grade next year and have all day school....woohoo.  A tip to anyone who plans on kids or plans on more kids....put 10 years between each one.  Don't do this every three years crap because as soon as you send one off to pre-school there's a baby....doh.  Alright...I love my kids.....but that doesn't mean they can't ever go away, I don't even get to sit through a graduation without them, that's just not right.  Sigh.  I need to do dishes.  And take a shower.  Maybe the Magic Fun Fairy will come smack me upside the head soon.   Danielle and Erin brought home info about camps they can go to and I told the school counselor that I could get them to and fro if she got them into one so now they want to go to horse camp....which sounds like it may be at Silver Creek Falls....doh.  If there's not a bus from the Y maybe I'll just take the (my) kids and spend 5 days at the park lol.  What would that be?  Like 80 miles a day for 2 trips?  There must be a bus.  Ooooohhhh....maybe just go camping up there....hmmmm.  See now...there's the Magic Fun Fairy, I knew she'd be back.  I tossed that particular brochure without looking at it so I don't know, guess I'll just have to wait.      

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