Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - I need a vacation

Posted Date: : Jun 7, 2007 12:43 AM
     Really.  My 4 days of boys at Grandma and Grandpa's turned into 2 days, dangit.  Though very appreciative of the 2 days it came to about 12 hours of kid free time…..not quite hitting the "vacation"  mark in my mind.  As we're leaving my father-in-law says they won't want to eat for a while because he just gave them a snack. WooHoo, great….no sooner than I start the car and Jake starts with the "I'm hungrys".  I need a vacation.  I just can't figure out how to get rid of them all at once for any length of time.  Do they have kid kennels?  Like for animals?  Just leave them there as long as you want to pay for?  That would be awesome.  Once again I'm thinking $300 a month will get the boys all day kindergarten next year, so much more appealing than the normal 2.5 hours.  It's like another year of preschool.  I had a plan for these four days…first day do nothing, second day putter around and get ready to clean, third day clean, fourth day enjoy clean house and get boys.  So all I got done was laundry picked up and went through all the art and school work and tossed without fear of being caught.  I am sad.
     The girls and I went to Anna's Girls Scout bridging ceremony..whoop…it was supposed to be a finger food potluck.  Since when are fruit rolls, little Debbie cookies, individual bags of chips and ice cream cups fodder for a potluck?  Really sad.  And boring.  And unhealthy. 
     Before I went to pick up the boys I went to the Talent show at the girls school.  Anna was doing a dance dealie with a bunch of girls.  That kid has no trouble performing in front of a crowd.  Lord knows where she got that from.  Not me that's for sure.  For all her not having a stunning stand out talent she has the best option lol.  She doesn't mind messing up and will keep working on something and on top of it has no fear of failure or embarrassment.  Lucky kid.  The educational system won't be able to work their torture upon her.  I was like the girl at the beginning who sang but looked petrified or the other girl who just stood there while her partners did their thing then ran off stage for awhile, returned for a bit then left again.  Why torture yourself?  The only thing I got from the forced public speaking experiences was a determination to never speak in public.  They always said "well, what if you get a job where you have to?"  Ummmm………WHY THE HECK WOULD I DO THAT?  There's enough jobs out there where you don't have to.  I'm proud of Anna though, she does really good.   I'm tired.

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