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OS - Correction to the fat and dancing blogs sort of

  Correction to fat and dancing blogs sort of
Posted Date: : Jun 13, 2008 9:47 AM
So I blogged about being fat and most recently about me not dancing.  I was wrong, not about being fat, but about the non-dancing part.  I don't dance in public venues, this is true, but I used to dance ALOT at home.  I just realized   this morning, that for about the past year I've hardly listened to any music and I definitely haven't been dancing........ and that my friends is why I am fat.   Yes, it must be. 
My birthday is on monday....whoop whoop.  I was wanting to go to the beach but I've settled on going to the park and having a picnic, if anyone wants to go they're welcome ( Becca, Rebeka, Rachel, Shannon, Carolee???????) (and anyone else but I don't know anyone else that well but if you want to you can come so it might be weird but thats ok).  Maybe I'll get a clown.  I like even birthdays better than uneven ones.  it seems wrong to be 37, 38 sounds ok but 37 sounds incomplete or something.  Maybe it's some sort of number feng shui.  I guess I'll deal for a year.  My cousin spent a year thinking she was a year older than she was, what a b-day present to be given an  extra year.  Unless it puts you back on to an  awkward number.  hmmm.  I'll think on that. 
I need to plant my planter out front.  I'm thinking of putting strawberries in them.  Then I need to figure out how to keep the cat from jumping up into the window one.  Hmmmm.......I'll think on that too.  Good Lord.....I'm listening to Slightly Stoopid and it's all mellow and then track seven comes on and you're all WTH........then you pick yourself up off the floor and go skip to eight.  Why do they do that?  Making a point or something?  "Hey guys.....know what would be really cool? fwoooooo......let's like scare the crap out of people  halfway through this thing."   Maybe I'm just old.  "Turn that noise down, that isn't music...real music has a rythym.  Whippersnapper."  I'm going to go take a shower, I coconut oiled my hair 2 days ago and I have this candy bar smelling thing still going on.  Oh, we went and got our cholesterol checked last was so romantic........mine rocks.  It's all the cheese, eggs, bacon, and coconut oil.  Ok, genetics may play a part in it too.  buh bye. 

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