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OS - I'm going to Jamaica

I'm going to Jamaica.
Posted Date: : Jun 29, 2007 3:06 PM
      I don't know when but I decided I'm going.  I told Joe and he said ok, so it's on.  That's settled.  The ****** THREE DAY WEDDING BONANZA****** is over, it was all very nice actually.  Of course I didn't have to do anything, didn't even have to watch the kids, lol, they had a kid house that was basically like a living room for the kids.  They even had a piñata….whoa…..when we got to the wedding place, early of course for pics, I told the boys to just hang on and wait for the piñata having no idea there actually was a piñata….score.  So anyway, nice short ceremony complete with cool music, none of the sappy stuff, Elvis and Sinatra type stuff.  No Barbie prom dresses. My sister, who always swore she would never be a bridesmaid, got roped into being her best friends' years ago and had to wear the ultimate in bad bridesmaid dresses, especially on someone like her.  Strapless bubblegum pink, high in the front low in the back…..I still crack up thinking about it.  Let's see food… was Italian, 2 salads, polenta, a white bean thing, broccolini, some kind of pork rib thing and stuffed chicken parts, and bread.  Oh, and wine.  The kid house had its own buffet with mac n cheese, chicken tenders, fruit/veggies, and about a gazillion kinds of cookies.  What else can I bore you with?  Oh yeah, cake.  Hazelnut/huckleberry and really good, and the Kransekage which is the Danish thing but nobody made it this time, my sister brought it down from a bakery in Seattle.  The ones my grandparents have made are better.  That  was all at the Shogren House up in Portland, next morning was the brunch thing at the Northrup Inn also in Portland.  It was supposed to be rooftop but ended up being squished in another room because of weather.  But it was nice and fit in on our return to Fort Lewis.  So Dan and Ali are married and all is right in the world. 
     We spent another 4 days up with Joe and just came back yesterday because I have to drive Anna down to a girl scout camp in a few days.  I haven't done this much driving in a long time.  She'll be in Florence for 3 days, way down south, and someone else is driving her back so me and the boys are going back to Ft. Lewis for the Forth of July and spend a few days again.  Last time we were up there Joe went on an MWR trip and brought us along to this place called Northwest Trek which is a zoo of northwest animals.  It was really neat, basically just the woods sectioned off but left natural and you could see all the animals wandering around rather than laying there and looking at you like "what do you want".  There was a tram thing that took you out and we saw about everything possible I think.  It was a good trip.  At the end Joe deserted us in the gift shop as he is prone to do so, as per my new life rules, I bought something.  I got the boys each a sweat shirt, which they needed, for $36 and Joe didn't say a word about it.  Muahahaha.  I think he would make a good hubby if he were loaded, then I could do whatever I wanted as long as it didn't involve him.  I could do that.  Problem is he isn't loaded.  I kept saying I'd like to go to IKEA since we never get up there normally and he was responseless, so on Wednesday I just looked it up online and got everyone ready to go and lo and behold who gets up and comes along?  Joe.  Knock my socks off with a feather.  I think I can do bossy bitch for awhile.  Maybe he'd like a dominatrix?  Whatever works I guess.  I've also taken to swiping pocket change lol….ooohhhhh look ……quarters…..
     Joe's put in for his 2 weeks of leave so I'm looking into the Disney thing.  I would so rather hit Jamaica.  Soon, soon.  But anyway, Disney hell should be a go soon.  Throw the kids in the car and see what happens, I like the well planned vacation.  Crap these dogs stink!  And they always have to sit underneath me.  I guess I'm done, don't quite know what I wrote but it's taken awhile.  Buhbye.

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