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OS - OMG I don't want to see another mackeral for a looong time

  OMG I don’t want to see another Mackerel for a looooong time
Posted Date: : Feb 27, 2008 8:17 PM
I did it, I processed (almost) all of the little fishies.  There were 16 plastic grocery bags of them, I got my Mom to take 2 of them, I helped Joe pickle 3 of them, and I tailed, headed and detail cleaned 11 bags of them, then cooked them and am working on boning them and figuring out what to do with them.  I have mackerel cooked in tomato  sauce like the canned ones, baked mackerel to be frozen I guess, and mackerel pate, then the pickled gallon and a half.  I also made a triple batch of banana bread.  Reminder for the future, don't empty a freezer all at once.  I found some more butter and butter milk from the cream bonanza of awhile ago so tomorrow I'll be baking buttermilk needing stuff.
Oh, I did the cat thing today.......omg what happened to the days of the $35 dollar spay?  Now you need a pre-appointment (36.50) to see "if the animal is healthy enough for the operation".  Uh huh, I think it was to pay for the remodel because a few years ago you could just bring them in and get it done, I mean come on the cat is 6 months old what can be wrong with her.  So I paid 36.50 for a lady to take the cats temp and look in her ears, but it must have been a magic look because from that she could tell the cat was healthy enough.  They start the run down of options, and I'm all uh huh, uh huh, then I start being all "how much is that?" and then "it's a cat".  So in addition to the 49.95  for the basic operation, there's something for 66.50 that will make it easier to save her if there's a problem, 32.50 for something else, and 22.50 for pain medication.  They didn't even get to the take home medication options lol.  Since I managed to wrangle a $15 certificate from the Humane Society I did spring for the pain medication, don't tell Joe, but I figured it wouldn't hurt for her to be groggy for a while.  They told me I had to be on welfare of some sort to get one and I told them I probably could go get on some program if I wanted to but thought that a bad reason to get government assistance so they let me have one, muahahaha.  Does it make sense that all these things like reduced spaying and soccer go by if you get government assitance?  Wouldn't it make more sense to go by actual income so that people who don't want to be overtaken by the looming society of socialism and are trying on their own can afford some of the extra stuff they may not otherwise?  Or just not have their cat pro-creating all over the place?  It just doesn't seem right that if they are going to offer discounts for the lower incomed among us that they have to be on welfare, seems like the lower incomed not on welfare deserve it more. 
Well, since Joe's bowling I guess I'd better feed the kids dangit, I was going to get him to do it since I don't want to look at another fish for a bit.  Luckily I remembered I have mondays  leftovers in the fridge, woohoo.

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