Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - "The paste brush dropped unceremoniously to the ground......

 Posted Date: : Jun 5, 2007 12:00 AM

............. and she slowly stood up.  Alec continued to play the chords, but his eyes were searing into hers.  She walked to him with deliberate steps, her bare feet soundless on the glossy floor."   
     Who writes this crap and do they care that it sells at Biglots for .50?  Better question……why am I reading it?  Anyway I'm into my fourth hour without kids and not sure what to do.  I tried to watch the View…..SHUT UP LADIES……made it about halfway.  Took a shower and coconut oiled myself…mmmmm…….Almond Joy.  I love coconut oil and now that the weather's a bit warm it's actually liquidy right now which makes it easy to take a shower with lol.  Take a little bit of oil and some sugar and you end up all smooth and candy bar smelling.  So if I see anyone who reads this today and I look a bit shiny that's why.   Or maybe it's better described as "dewey", yeah, that sounds better.  I'm "dewey". 
     I'm still waiting on The Rock to add me as a friend.  I don't know much about The Rock but it's all a part of the the big myspace friends list construction plan……I wanted to get Guns N Roses and The Rock and when I get them both then I want to get the Lesbian Lounge and put them in the middle.  I so need a life.  So hopefully soon The Rock will add me, when he does I'll let you know.  The Rock.  Rock.  What do you think his wife calls him?  Yo….Rock…..git that spider.  I want someone to kill spiders for me.  Not that I can't kill them myself…it's just the idea.  I asked Randy to kill one once and he just whacked it and left a huge splat on the wall.  Never asked him again.  Joe says I can do it myself……well du-uuuuuh……no shit…….  If I'm ever in the relationshippal situation again god forbid, that will be my one requirement I think.  The response to "hey, git that spider".  I think that will tell me all I need to know.  I'm such a romantic. 
     My trash bags smell like old lady.  It said on the bag mountain fresh, or spring sensation, or meadow melody or something…..all I smell is old lady.  Maybe they have romance writers name the scents on those things.  I don't like smelly things like that……."oh the kitchen smells like old lady, but try the bathroom…in there it's shameless hussy".   I'm a firm believer that if your trash smells live with it or take it out.  Nasty smells are natures way of saying get off your dewey ass and clean something.  I guess me and my dewey ass are off to clean something……adieu.

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