Thursday, November 24, 2011

Really? Really, really really?

     I mean really?  Things are settling out, tread lightly, establish boundaries......this can work.  Boys are gone, with him........the girls and I are sitting around talking and she starts crying and lamenting never having had a "nice guy" living in the house and how she remembers hiding when her dad came home from work and how the other he wasn't any better with his "It's ok to do this's".  Oooops.....hadn't told me that part before.  I'd only heard the sleazy questionable parts, not the I couldn't get away because his arms were around my waist parts, or the alone in the room clothes off touching parts.  She told her sister, who did tell me about the money and birth control part and I did have that out with him, she told two, possibly three friends, who told no one.  She didn't tell me anything.  He would have been gone long before the totally losing it and the threats of death.  By the way.......don't do that around children.  It lands you in jail.  Wth, wth, wth?  I mean really?  Wth is he thinking?  He's doing this during the same time period that his brother is being sentenced to 8 years for the same thing.  Really?