Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - I'm thinking I maybe just might perhaps do a sit up today.

 Posted Date: : Jun 6, 2007 9:07 AM
     I got fed up with my pants last night and bought a new pair.  While a smaller size (woohoo), they are now a smidge tight and I wouldn't want to show off a "muffin top" now would I?  I was somewhat happy though, they were a size 14 and the previous were 18, 16 just didn't work…… was like a gift even if just in my own little mind.  I hate it when it feel like your pants feel like you're sitting in a grocery bag around the waist, just hate it.  So…….a sit up is in the works.  Problem is I make all these big plans and never get to them, I'll probably just get as far a lying on my back looking at the ceiling.  There's all kinds of cool patterns up there, my bedroom ceiling starts in the middle and sunbursts out to the walls but the light wasn't centered ( and that REALLY bugs me) so it's kitty whompas.  I really want to know why they did that, it's a square room……damn, forgot an 8:00 appointment so I just tore out of here for a bit but I'm back now…… if the room is square why not center the thing?  I also have Jesus on my dresser and a penis on my bathroom door.  It's a little short mushroomy one but very obviously one. 
    Joe called last night, he's being kept in Colorado til at least June 19th now, has an appointment with a neurologist…..hmmmmm……no comment.   Guess they just check any injury out pretty thoroughly before they let them go.  I'm ashamed to say we were at Thompsons again when he called, but I really felt the need for a bacon cheeseburger and wth Joe was on his way any day lol.  So we went again, at least the waiters are usually cute.  Nah…they always are.  Even the scrungy one.  Went to Walmart afterwards because I needed dog biscuits, poor dogs have been getting tortilla chips for letting me lock them in the kitchen.  They've gotten used to them now but the first few days they just dropped them on the floor and it was that crazy lady look again.  It's gonna blow their minds to have to go back to dog biscuits.   Got the dog biscuits, the smaller pants, Styx greatest hits, and a sketch book for Anna, Katie, and Jake….didn't bother with Isaac because he won't draw.   I can get all the others sedated with the drawing but Isaac just goes off and builds something, so I figured hey……special notebooks where all the pictures remain ATTACHED…..oooohhhhhh…..that's gotta help with the piles of art everywhere lol.  I love their little pictures really I do, I thought of having Jake draw me a tattoo but figured that would leave the others out so I dropped that idea…..I am going to try to get Joe to agree to having a kid draw one though.  Joe wants to tattoo over the name, his own, on his shoulder with a shark.  Hmmmm…I have the protective turtles and he wants the vicious, lean mean killing machine, how symbolic is that lmao.  So maybe Jake can draw one and it'll at least be a cute mean animal.  And Jake will be oh so proud of it lol, and Joe will have something not so perfect to deal with.  I guess I figure if he'll accept a not perfect thing on his arm it's a good sign.  If that makes sense.
     I need food.  BRB.  Rice, eggs and spicy soy sauce has got to be the best breakfast in the world.  On special occasions throw in some Spam  lol.  I never had Spam til I met Joe, it's a disgusting little meat product but oh so good.  Sometimes.  I remember those commercials years ago where they would go to grocery store and ask people what they thought Spam was and the one lady says It's a little white animal, that has stuck with me….that and the "punch it Margaret" commercials.  That's good advertising.  Damn I have to mow that blasted lawn, normally I don't mind and kind of enjoy it, I don't want to pay the bills either.  Maybe it's just the end of what's going to be 16 months and I'm ready to, I don't know, go to the next step or something……burned out on the same old same old.  My horoscope did say I would be really lucky today and just might win something…….lottery ticket?   Wish me luck.

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