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OS - Practical vs " Nice"

 practical VS "nice"?
Posted Date: : May 6, 2008 9:11 AM
I have a question.  How many favors should you do for someone when all they do is complain about it?  Because I'm borderline "Ok, so you want to complain?".  I'm not mentioning names because anyone who knows what I'm talking about knows who I'm talking about.  So through niceness I've reduced child support about $45,000 through the course of it all, taken a $2,500 value and given a $7,500 in exchange,  and more or less forgotten about another $30,000 owed.  So why is this person complaining to me?  huh?  Doesn't he realize how easy it would be to fill out the paperwork and change things?  A lot.  I guess not. 
OK, enough about dorkbutt.  I got home from school this morning and there was a small child sitting on my doorstep.....I said "hello small child why aren't you at school?", and the small child said "I'm waiting for you", and I said "but I was  at school".  Then I loaded her into the car and took her to school.  Oh yeah, we have another van now.  It's just like the old one but nicer in general.  Isaac broke the neighbors van window so we bought it.  It also happened that the neighbor was planning on selling it and it was a really good I'm another car away from not having one.  Se la vie.  But I can drive delinquent small children to school when I find them now I guess.  Let's see....what else?  My out-of-the-Army brother got called back and has to go back over....he's overjoyed....not.  Oh oh oh!!!!!!  I cleaned out the garage!!!!!!  The boys sat out there and played yesterday they were so amazed. 
I have another question.  Why do people waste their time playing games?  I don't have any being played on me at the moment but there are so many people and situations where you just want to say grow up and get it done.  It's silly to see supposed adults not talking to certain people, not answering the phone, saying this that and the other thing about this that and the other person, grow up, take care of your business and get on with your life.  LMAO...makes me sit back and say "golly I'm glad I'm me".  Nothing wrong with a little self love.  Is there?  Which is another question.  

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