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OS - I don't dance

    I don’t dance
Posted Date: : Jun 8, 2008 1:31 AM
I don't, not I can't, but I don't.  You know how you go to bed and you're really tired and you're making those hhhhuuuuuccchhhh sounds but you just can't go to sleep?  You're lying there with thoughts just circling around in your head and just can't shake them?  Well that's me tonight.  I keep going over the lack of dance in my life and what's up with the Zyrtec commercials.  What is up with them, all they talk about is how taking Zyrtec for allergies gives you time, so much time you don't have when you use Claritin.  Like two hours you gain by using Zyrtec over Claritin because it starts working two hours quicker.  That's about the only aspect they push so I guess on all other levels it's about the same.  My problem with it all is that I use Claritin and love the way it works like in 10 minutes, so according to the commercial if I were to use Zyrtec instead of Claritin I would gain like an hour and 50 minutes.  Right?  According to them if I take a Claritin at 6 pm and it takes 10 minutes to kick in that I would have been allergy free at 4:10 pm if I had taken a Zyrtec.  Right?  So, a full hour and 50 minutes before I take the pill I would have been feeling the effects.  Cool.  Now the question that really bugs me.....what if you intend to take the Zyrtec at 6 pm but since you are already feeling the effects of this wonder pill at 4:10 you forget to actually take it?  Is there a sort of Zyrtec Mob that will come demand a payback?  Are you indebted to the next pill you take and lose all the hours of "free" relief you received against the next dose?  How does it work?  I think I'll just stick with Claritin.  Now where was I?  Oh....I don't dance.  Not I can't dance because I'm sure if someone stuck a gun to my head and demanded that I dance that I could pull off some sort of Jim Carrey/Damon Wayons parody of dance, but as far as intentionally going somewhere on purpose and moving my body to the rythym of the beat?  I just don't happen....yeah sure I can dance to Johnny Cash in the kitchen but that doesn't count.  Yes I have always been like this, I hated the hokey pokey, I all but refused to grow like a little flower, my Mom signed me up for dance class when I was about 10 and the only thing I remember about it was hating it intensely and begging my way out of going to the last class.  My Mom didn't make me go which means I must have done some really good begging.  Well, skip a bunch of stuff because now I'm getting tired, but just remember I will make a scene if you try and make me dance at a wedding or anywhere else. I will.  Wanna know another thing I don't do?  Public speaking, nope won't do it.  Maybe I just don't have anything to say.  Nah.  I got lots to say.   And on that note, this is Fanny Chanal bidding you adieu. 

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