Saturday, May 7, 2011

5-31-2007 One reason it's a good thing to not have anyone to kiss.......

......when you get woken up at midnight and can't go back to sleep it's ok to get up and snack on marinated garlic.  I'm sure there are other reasons, but right now that's the one that strikes me as "WOW". 
So, here I am, after refraining with difficulty from hitting the blog page all day, blogging.  I sure have missed it lol.  The boys and I went downtown for the wednesday market thing and did our wander.  Got some blackberries to snack on with the peas instead of strawberries this time,  radishes, taters, carrots and bought myself a bouquet of sweet peas.  I'm thinking after all this time of lusting after the thought of the boys going to school next year I just may actually miss my buddies a bit.  Nah.  Maybe. 

Let's see, went and bought a few pencils and risked life and limb getting around the safety tape set up blocking the sidewalk off.  You know....personally I think I'd rather risk whatever they're protecting us from than drag two 5 year olds while kicking a balloon out into traffic and back. Yeah I know, backtrack and uses the cross walk....didn't want to.  We went back to Ma Valise and had the lady try to figure out what CD was playing last wednesday lol.  She was very nice.  I ended up getting one but didn't figure out which one I actually was looking for.  Gives me a reason to try again  :D.  Went over to the Little Cannoli, didn't get a cannoli and I could use a little cannoli.  If you cannoli what I mean.....heeheehee.  Geesh, I am tired. 

Oh....I told my Mom about the tattoo, I figured it would be better than the "you never tell me anything"  if she ever catches a glimpse of my tuckus.  Which she shouldn't but you never know lol.  Anyway...future catastrophe averted.  I love my tuckus turtles.


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