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OS - 3am phone calls

3 am phone calls
Posted Date: : Feb 11, 2008 10:52 AM
So you're sleeping.  You went to bed a bit later than you should have, say this point in your life you've figured out that a good nights sleep is a good thing, you read a bit and doze off  the drone of the cargo ship next to you.  You're happy, you're warm....all is good.  The phone shouldn't be ringing.  Not unless you're dying, having a baby.......then at that moment not just some time in the future, or are stuck on the highway and need a ride.   When the phone does ring at 3 am you know what's going through my mind?  Right after why am I standing in the bathroom with the phone is "god it can't be 5:30 yet, nope it's just 3, geesh Phyllis is calling early", followed by "Anna, it must be Anna, she spent the night at a friends house, wait.....what day is it?  No Anna's home?  Isn't she?  Yeah, was Sunday last night....Monday in the morning.  Ok....not Anna."  So who is it calling at 3 am lmao.  "Ohhhhh.......hi..........uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh."  Some conversation followed by  a request for me to wake up Joe.  Um....yeah.  I do remember saying no and "that would be very very rude dontchya think?".  Fast forward about an hour and twenty minutes of lying in bed attempt get back to sleep and deciding screw it, it ain't happening.  So up I get and am heading to the can when lo and behold.....the phone rings......twice.......and nobodys there.  Sigh.  I head out into the kitchen and Joe's cell phone rings briefly, nobody there.  Now why there is such a dogged attempt to wake a grouchy man out of a deep sleep at what is now 4:30 am I don't know.  Anyway......a minute down the road the cell rings again, and this time I just brought it to Joe lol.  Give a sleeping person with a C-PAP machine his ringing cell at 4:30 am's fun...uh huh.  On top of the phone fun, Phyllis never did bother to call and say the girls weren't coming so my alarm went off at 6 as usual when I could have changed it to 7.....sigh.  Sigh.  Maybe tonight I'll give someone a call and ask them to wake up their Mom or something........nah......let the poor people sleep.

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