Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Checkers

Posted Date: : Nov 12, 2007 2:28 AM
Ok, so at 3hours a night (4 tonight), that's 21 a week.  And that's not including the daytime hours, add another 2 minimum for those and it's 5 hours a day, I won't even get into weekends,35 hours a week being mind numbingly boring.  Why?  Ok, so that's what he needs to do.  Have fun.  Maybe what I need to do is find someone or something flipping interesting.  Feeding the dust bunnies isn't cutting it.  I made minimal inroads into the garage today but thinking about actually cleaning it enough to haul the army crap out there. It's been sitting in the living room since June and I just treat it like a huge dust bunny, but to tell the truth it's a constant pile of annoyance.  Just sitting there, mocking me, saying "yeah, I've been here since June....whatchya gonna do about it?"  Maybe tomorrow I'll show that lazy ass pile of army crud what I'll do about it.  It can moulder in the garage for awhile.  Oy....I think I found Jack Sparrows rum.
     I want a mantle.  Life would be complete with a mantle.  My dad says to wait and he'll build me one.  Can't I please just go buy one?  Then I wouldn't spend so much time thinking I wish I had a mantle.  Maybe.
     On a more positive note I went to Walmart and got little boxes that fit in the back of the long skinny cupboards in the bathroom so now all the stuff behind the towels is neat.  Whoop whoop.
     Maybe I'll leave the kids with Joe and go up to IKEA tomorrow.  Find a mirror for the back bathroom and whatever else.  Make friends with some meatballs maybe.

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