Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - How can they be so different

 Posted Date: : Jun 11, 2007 8:54 AM
     How can two five year old be so different?  Ok, I know stupid question, but I know which one I want taking care of me in my old age.  The happy one.  One wakes up screaming…"I'M HUNGRY" "I HAVE TO GO POTTY"  "well what do you want to eat and get in the bathroom" "get in the bathroom"  "GET IN THE BATHROOM IF YOU PEE OUT HERE I'M GOING TO BE SOOOO MAD".  Then it's "what do you want?"  "do you want cereal?"  "wahhhhhh"  "do you want toast with PB?"  "waaaaaaaahhhhhh" "do you want banana?"  "wwwwwaaaaahhhhhh" "do you want rice and eggs?"  "wahhhhh"  "fine then tell me what you want when you know".  Enter second child….."good morning mom, you need a bubby hug?" "yes I need a bubby hug……>hug<…….would you like some Clifford Crunch?"  "yes mom, with milk"  "ok".  "Jake do you want some Clifford Crunch?"  "waaaaaaahhhhh"  "if you want it tell me now"  "waaaaaahhhhhh" "I'm serious, tell me now or forget it"  "OK".  I swear he wants to kill me. 
     They did clean up their stuff so we did make it to the beach.  "MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM……..I didn't want my ceeeeeeeereeeeeaaaaallllll with miiiiiiiillllllllkkkkkkkkkkkkk", will he never stop?  But anyway we headed out and drove our way through downpours, and sprinkles and sunny patches wondering what the beach would be like.  It was rainy and slighty windy…not too good so we went to Fogarty Beach, the bad weather beach because it's always nicer there for some reason.  It was beautiful, the kids were in their swimsuits playing in the water, I was wishing I had worn shorts, the works.  I'm getting a weird farmers tan, or whoever wears capris to work tan.  Maybe a clammers tan.  We hung out there for about 2 hours until I was like uh kids why don't you get your clothes back on, about three minutes later the rain hit lmao.  It was cool because the sand was hot and pretty much instantly it was like fog with all the steam.  But we got pretty well wet. 
     We reloaded and headed south to see what we could see, decided to go to Devil's Punchbowl but drove by the turn so went on down to the light house down there.  Hmmmm….what used to be a state park is now a federally funded site so you have to pay again to get in….screw that.  So we went back to Devil's Punchbowl and hit the turn this time around.  Ate at Mo's, had to bribe the pickys to eat with Ice cream and of course the ice cream place only took cash and I am the debit queen..or princess….Or just someone who never has cash anymore.  Crap.  Went over and looked at the punchbowl but it wasn't punching.  Loaded up again and headed homeward with a stop at another ice cream place, ironically next to the other Mo's and they didn't take anything but cash.  At least they had an ATM.  I have a question.  I'm looking at the prices and it says the least expensive option is $2.75.  OK, ouch.  The guy comes over to help and I pretend I haven't found the price yet and he asked what we want.  I say I'm looking for the smallest one they've got and he pulls out a kiddy cone which ends up being $1.25.  Not so ouch.  WHY ISN'T THAT ON THE MENU THING???????????  All in all a good day till we got home and Jake did his thing.  He worked himself up into a nice puke which I was quick enough to foresee and spread my legs just in time for the puke to hit the floor and not me.  I have hard floors so it's ok lol, 
     Oh yeah, Joe called while we were at Mo's.  He's in Carson probably til about Tuesday, then Fort Lewis for what should be a few days, then he should be home. 

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