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OS - It’s that time of year again

It’s that time of year again
Posted Date: : Oct 3, 2007 1:23 PM
     Halloween is coming.  I love Halloween.  It's the one holiday where I can say "I need to be totally frivolous and make an orange dinosaur, a mermaid, a witch and a fireman….leave me alone".  So today I thought I'd start on Jake's costume because for months now he's wanted to be an orange bat (last year an orange dino….hmmmmm).  Easy enough, off to Walmart pick up a couple of their cheapie fleece blankets and some batting.  Now Isaac has flipped from everything ranging from a blue bat to a gameboy to a sheep (to go with Bo-peep of course) to a blue brontosaurus so I wasn't expecting an easy run from him.  Jake I was really only asking as a reassurance that he was still wanting to be an orange bat.  So I ask "ok, what do you guys want to be?".  Isaac yells "a ladybug", ok…..but Jake, dependable Jake goes "geikle izzer".  Um….huh?  What's a "geikle izzer" and what happened to the orange bat?  Any way it turns out the geikle izzer is on TV and sells insurance.  You know now that I need one of those dang Geico ads I won't get a single one in the mail till after Halloween, it's one of Murphys laws.  Katie wants to be Bo-peep which I already have from Anna a few years ago so I thought I'd dress Jack and Stan as sheep if they let me.  Anna wants to be an Island dancer easy enough except when you factor in the needs to be appropriate for school and warm enough for night time part.  Those island dancers don't wear much you know…..but I do have a coconut bra……….

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