Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yep.....I'm ba-aack....starting to experience status update guilt again. So here I sit surrounded by crap.......had the brilliant idea of the boys emptying their room out into the dining room and doing a start over in there....great plan if you have time to finish. Eh, oh well......taking off tomorrow so I'll leave the mess with the dogsitter....she won't mind : ). Not a single person I've had to enlist in the getting all of us up to Seattle in a 4 seater car has even insinuated that maybe I have a stupid car lol.....I like it, and no I haven't tried to see how fast it will go.....I'm sure it's weenie and I don't need to know anyway because I have cruise control. Yeah baby. I don't particularly like cruise control but it does work great in school zones and small towns....and safety corridors.....if I can just shake the feeling of not really driving....hmmmmm.?.?. Oh, come when squirrels run out into the street in front of your car they stop, look at you then run back the way they came? Why not just keep going and cross? And speaking of squirrels I bought a Squirrel Nut Zipper CD yesterday, any week I'll get it. Went to Sunnyside today but my lady was busy with someone so she handed me a stack of stuff and a folder and said "here's what you need, here's an example" and rushed off, so I went and found a cozy corner and basically became a human collater...collator....I collated stuff. Which was grand because I like to do mundane stuff.....I would have made a great piece of office equipment....maybe if I'm re-incarnated I could come back as a printer or something?, if I get re-incarnated I want to come back as Bon Jovi! Or Bon Jovi's essence lol....he's already taken. I like him......never really did back in the day, thought he was kinda funny looking.....probably still is, but anyway I like him. Anyway....saw her buzzing around a few times but couldn't find her when I was done so I just stuck it all on her desk and took off.......why do you care? Oh don't, but then I don't care if you don't care....muahahahaha. Let's see, Joe will be back in a few weeks and I will try my darndest to have the boys room back in their room by then.....course he'll probably drop in unexpectedly some time or come home early and not let me know.....then I guess it would be ok. Kind of along the same lines of don't walk into someones house without knocking, you never know what may await you. I took advantage of the break in the rain and hauled another reject piece of furniture out to the road, went to Sunnyside and by the time I came home it was gone....people are so funny. They drive by, stop, back up, look, look around, hop out of their car, pop the trunk.....look around furtively and toss your junk into their trunk and drive off. I wonder if they hear the cheering coming out of the house? Do they really need it or is it just the enticement of "free"? When I was going to WOU my roommate and I dragged a couch home....remember that Sarah? Sarah? Are you out there? Remember hauling that thing across the highway was a three seater but one of the thirds had absolutely nothing holding it up. You could hunker down in there and put your head on the arm and really be quite comfortable. Good times, good times. Oh dang!!! I forgot about the coffee concept and went and got a beer.......darn, now I'll never have a rousing night of night house cleaning. Shoot, there's something special about being all spastic at three in the morning.......why are walkie talkies called walkie talkies but vacuums aren't called pushie suckies? It might be more fun to pushie suckie than vacuum....the word you always have to think about how to spell. I guess you would have to be more careful with the pronunciation though....try saying pushie suckie three times fast. Oh oh oh....I did it!!! I went and got another SD card for my camera! Now whenever I take a stupid picture I don't have to go look for another stupid one to delete! Do you know how many memories pictures of meals have? I go back through and I'm all no, that was really good....hmmm......delete that one of the kid...we see them eveyday anyway....we can just re-enact if we really miss the picture. Speaking of kids and pictures, Anna brought home the Spring scam pics from school the other day and they are actually really good but of course she wants the little plastic tag pics and I would want a real picture and they're $12 a sheet, unles you get the "best deal" which is all 5 sheets, or 4 sheets? for $40....ok, fine....times 4 kids. I have the money it's just wrong....couldn't I go to a photographer of some sort for that....I'll buy this year though because it is a really good picture. And heck....loosen up, be normal. It's funny how I've got them all brainwashed....even if I say we'll get something they all check the prices and decide it's too much lol, and Katie has been sick for a couple days and didn't want soda because sugar is bad for the immune system.....heehee and a lmao. I got her some C Monster Odwalla instead which she thought was totally cool. I've decided I need to show the dogs more affection because it's obvious they think I'm really totally cool for some reason and I guess I should accept my responsibilities as lead dog and bestow something upon them. Why have they chosen me? I hate feeling dog nose on the back of my calf every time I take a step, and quite honestly, me coming back from the mailbox is not cause for such excitement. What to do, what to do? Good thing about boring books is that you can always go to bed early and bore yourself to sleep....though the one I'm reading seems to have potential but at half a page a night it'll take me forever to find out....something about Ginger....and a tree? I'm also reading one about historical motels in all the states lol.....may use it for when I get to Wyoming. Oh crap....goodnight. : )