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OS - We snowed....we had fun

 Posted Date: : Apr 4, 2008 9:55 AM
When does it snow in Oregon, at the coast in March?  WHEN THE CALVOS GO CAMPING !?!?!?!?!?!  Of course.  When else?  We had fun, the kids wanted to stay longer but real life called and for some reason needed us back.  So we returned from the wilds of Seaside.  Sigh.  I think I will now totally indulge my chatty instincts  and do a play by play.  Hee.

We got there about 4 pm, checked in (FREE!!!!!!  WHEEEEE!!!!!!!) and set up the tent WITH NO ARGUMENTS!!!!!!!!!  As it was a new tent we needed to figure it out and as the directions made no sense we did the logical thing and just put it together.  Blew up the NEW air mattress (way too old to sleep on the ground very long.....  my hip still hurt anyway but the Unmentionable One  fixed it, he really should be a chiropractor).  Anyway, by then it was raining nicely, it started raining at the cheese factory, just like last year, so we went out to dinner (this is rugged camping).  We ended up at the Pig n Pancake because the kids never got over not being able to go last year.  After stuffing our selves we went back to camp and went to bed.  We were all up by 3 am lol, and gave up on sleeping at 5 am and headed to McDonalds for coffee....yeah I know they don’t    open til 6 am.   That was a long, cold, wet night.  We ended up with Isaac and Katie in between us.  Needless to say, the Unmentionable One said "No way are we doing that again tonight...we must procure a heater  from the nearest village".  Enter Wednesday.
After the early morning hang over from the Tuesday Night O Hell, we went back to camp, got ourselves together and went in search of a heater.  Do you know how hard that is to do?  It’s like trying to find a swimsuit in August.  So, Costco, Fred Meyer, Rite-Aid, a building supply store and a donut shop later all we’ve come up with is a heat lamp.  Good in theory, not so good in actuality, so after our cold nap the Unmentionable One says "this will just not do".  It wasn’t a total loss though because while we were in Astoria we got to see the snow start and it was blizzard-iffic.  Like the totally cool flakes the size of dinner plates stuff.  We were in the donut store, actually a Franz bread outlet, but we were looking for donuts, and they  didn’t have the ones I wanted, old fashioned glazed btw, and I was talking to myself as I often do, and to anyone standing near me for that matter, and the lady working there goes off and comes back from the back room with a box of FRESH OLD-FASHIONED GLAZED DONUTS!!!!!!  Was that not the sweetest thing?  Not only did she go look for more, she sold them to me for the stale donut price....golly shucks, there are still nice folk out there.  Anyway where was I?  Oh yeah, So we gave up on the heater thing but later on when we were going to the laundomat with all the damp bedding we decided to stop in at the Seaside Rite-Aid just to see and lo and behold they had a WHOLE SHELF of little heater fan things and forever more we were toasty warm at night.  Bliss.
I believe Thursday was Seaside day, we went to the Aquarium and wandered around a bit.  The kids spent their money and I bought Tiffany some useless beach souveneir-age.  Oh we happened upon another nice person, we were in the Island Treasures store and the boys were digging through the pretty rock box and I told them they only had $1.50 left and a bag was $4.99 and they were heart broken, so I went and asked the lady if they could buy just one rock and she said they were .50 each so I told the boys.  And the boys were stoked.  So they dug around and Isaac found a big yellow one that looked like a treasure map and Jake found 2 smaller ones.  At the cash register the lady said Jake could have his 2 for .50 because they were so small.....awwwwww.  See there are nice people.  So, anyway....back to camp.
On friday we all over powered the Unmentionable One and made a trip to Fort Clatsop.  It was yucky and raining so we watched the Lewis and Clark movie again and checked out the museumy area for a bit and decided to venture out to the fort, rainy.  Back to the visitor center for a bit then out to the canoe place and Jake decided it would be nice to walk to the Netul Landing a mile down the way, it wasn’t raining at that moment so hey, off we go.  Luckily we hardly got rained on, did you know you don’t get near so wet when you get hailed on?
Later on we went to see Horton Hears a Who, it was cute and I picked up a cute phrase "in my world they eat rainbows  and poop butterflies".  Then back for another warm toasty night.
Pack up time.  It’s raining.  The tent is still wet as I type.  And boy oh boy you should have seen the van lmao, actually you can if you want after I post pics, lol.  But right now I need to go get the boys, Tata. 

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