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OS - Trying real hard

Trying real hard
Posted Date: : Jul 3, 2007 10:44 AM
 I need to get packing, we are supposed to leave for Ft. Lewis again at 10.  It's 9:39.  OK….folded a load of laundry, maybe a blog/work/blog/work pattern will get me going?  I told Joe about "Veronica" a week or so ago so he knows it's me now lol.  He didn't know, I was sure he knew it was me.  I guess I out-ed myself.  Anyway we had a conversation last night, even when he knows the other woman is his wife she's still more interesting lol.  I think he's befuddled as to how I can be online as two different yahoo's at the same time muahahaha.  One thing all this online detective work has done has been to teach me all the ins and outs of online "stuff".  OK…….toiletries packed.  Boys are looking for their T and bat, we'll try and drag daddy to the park up there, I'm even thinking getting the boys bikes…..kind of a forced "be a daddy dimwit" while the apologetic mood is on.  I know, I know, but I can try.  Geesh…SHAWNA I NEED THE PITY POT lol.  Hopping off the pity pot now.
K…car cleaned out, baseballs and bat found…..purse cleaned out.  Katie and Anna are going to their dad's and I'm having faith they packed what they need and if not then I'm sure they've left enough stuff out there to get them by.  I'm sending yet another set of toothbrushes because everytime I ask the girls if they brush their teeth they kind of look around and hum and ha, so I ask if they have toothbrushes over there and they say "yeaaahhh…..somewhere".  ok, gotta go.

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