Sunday, May 8, 2011

OS - Perfection is overrated

 Perfection is overrated
Posted Date: : Oct 9, 2007 3:12 PM
     I don't think I'll ever strive for perfection.  It seems a waste of time, really it does.  First of all, what's perfect?  I KNOW my perfect is different from like everyone else I've ever encountereds perfect and if me being perfect means I need to qualify on someone elses perfection list then Oh my no.  I'll stick with my special brand of off kilter.  It's perfect.  Just think of all things you'd miss out on if you were number one perfect.  You wouldn't know what it feels like to get an F for one, that's a good thing to know.  You wouldn't have the opportunities to look like a total fool/idiot/moron.  Another good thing to know, once I announced my strong dislike for the saxophone, called it the most horrible sounding instrument in the world, in front of my brothers friend, the sax player and a bunch of other guest type people.  The worst part is all my brothers friends look alike so whenever there's a get together the sax friend might be at I don't know if he is or not.  You would never know the feeling of having to wear damp jeans because you forgot to push the button actually starting the dryer, or having to wait for the rice that was taking forever because you forgot to push that button too.  You'd never get to go around for weeks with dorkily short bangs because you cut your hair wet.  If you're perfect you never get to try and remove rotten pumpkins from your patio and you never get to see all the pretty mold.  You'd never get the joy of an unplanned pregnancy, be it your own or your cats, or your neighbors dog.  Now that I think of it, the most interesting and worthy parts of life have stemmed from total and complete imperfection.  It would suck to only have "I won the Faye Wright poster contest in sixth grade", or "I ran really fast once".  Oh, I sold the most cookies on numerous occasions.  Yawn.  See what I mean?  Boring. 

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