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OS - I want 14 billion dollars

 I want 14 billion dollars
Posted Date: : Mar 9, 2008 11:50 PM
Yes, 14 billion.....and I don't want anyone to know about it.  I want it in a box in my room.  Joe says I can't do that because if I have 14 billion dollars I would have to own businesses and stuff but he's a Nelly and I think I could do it if I really tried.  Somehow.   If I had 14 billion dollars I would get rid of my car, put solar panels on my roof, remodel the house, pay off my ex (who doesn't seem to realize what a deal he's got......dingbat),  I'd get Stan fixed, and buy 10 cases of toilet paper.  Then I'd just start mailing it out, the money not the toilet paper, because 14 billion has got to be a big space taker and I'd probably get tired of having it around and having to climb over it all the time.   Oh, and I'd have Tiffany come over for spring break because we're going to the cheese factory again and I hear she wants to go to the cheese factory.  Even though it's rather cheesy. 
I made reservations for us to go camping again Spring Break.  We got wet last time and had to sleep in the van but we had a jolly good time and the kids wanted to do it again so we peel out of here on spring break monday and roll back in on friday.   I'm looking forward to it, I like cooking on fire even though I'm a lame fire builder, it was very wet though so maybe it wasn't all my abilities.  I need to get a huge tarp because, as we learned last time, our tent isn't waterproof.  Nope, not at all.  I love it though so it stays.  It's the one my parents bought in 1979 for our move out here from Michigan and I felt so honored when they unloaded it on me a few years ago.....even though the ties and loops are virtually rotting off.....lmao.  Good times, good times.  I would replace the thing, I'm not totally unreasonable, but the new one has to be perfect, so until the perfect tent is found big green and ugly stays.
Hmmmm....let's see....Jake managed to break my camera somewhat, I think it may still take pics, there's just no action on the little screen.  That has put a crimp in my fascination with photographing my meals.  Which may be a good thing because that is a little strange.   I've gotten two people now to admit that I make the best dang burgers imagineable, my Mom and Joe.  That may not sound impressive but they are both critical burger haters so I'm all "ha ha...told ya so".  Yeah, I have no life. 
I guess I should go to bed huh?  Those two will be heading this way in about 6 hours and I hate to be mumbling about coffee when they get here.  I also need to see if I can get through then next two weeks without uttering those fateful words....."hey....why don't you ask your mom if you can come camping with us?"  I know they are just waiting and would love to come with us, but no....think of your sanity.....but they're just two more.......SANITY..........but, but, but.....NO....but they'd love it............I'm going to go read.  Maybe I'll find another book, I've read this one too many times and it's so old the pages are all loose......nah, I'll keep on it and see if I can figure out why Gatsby doesn't see that Daisy just a flake.  Night.        

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