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OS - On a happier note

  On a happier note
Posted Date: : Jun 30, 2008 8:42 AM
My husband is a jackass, I'm not.  That makes me happy.  So, I just got the oatmeal going for the kids, my own and Danielle and Erin.  Katie is a camp all week which is good because she doesn't like oatmeal.  They all wanted to play with the crap box so I said sure and while getting the scissors out of the scissor vase it got dropped and broken.....dangit.  I added it to my pile of broken pottery I've got going on the counter, fix or toss fix or toss?  It's the old fish or cut bait dilemma.  I'm thinking of making a broken pottery album in my pics.  I had all the kids listen to me explain why I have the right to be grumpy and agree with me.  Now that that's established we can move on.  Anna is going to a friends house at 1 today for a few hours, I probably will have to get gas...hmmmm.  How far will $4 get me lmao.  I've given myself 50 miles a week of driving and that should cover about what I do.  I'm sure I'm in the crazy minority but I like the gas is too mundane if you never have to think about it, besides people spend so much more a gallon on coffee and water so what's the big deal?  My opinion.  Of course I don't drive very far.  I need to go to Roth's, they've got cheap cantalope and yogurt through Tuesday.  I bought 6 cantalopes and 18 yogurts last week and they were gone by saturday.  I do love the crap box....Erin is making a robot face, Danielle a robot, Isaac a robot face, Jacob an I don't know, and Anna a cat toy.   Oh...Jake's making a cat toy too.  Jake's having a tough time of it right now and Anna said Jake keeps having fits just to have fits.......the genetics are strong in that one.  Toodles til later.

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