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OS - My face itches

My face itches
Posted Date: : Oct 4, 2007 9:37 AM
    That's about all for today.  Don't know why.  It's also kinda red.  I haven't eaten anything different or changed toiletries.  Only thing different is a different laundry detergent but I don't wear clothes on my face so that shouldn't be it.  Maybe it's Joe. 
     Anyway, we forgot to celebrate National Walk to School Day yesterday dammit.  Yeah so we walk everyday but it seems like we should have special Walk to School Day muffins or something.  I'm thinking only in America do they designate one day out of the year for kids to walk down the street instead of get a ride.  It's supposed to be healthy and good for the environment.  Hmm.  How about they have a special "give your kid a ride they've been walking all year" day?  But I'm sure the health and environmental effects from one day of walking are stunning. 
     I'm thinking of getting my turtles worked on but I kind of like the incompleteness.  I think I like things slightly unfinished, it leaves room for possibilities.  I also like one cupboard or drawer to be empty.  Oh, by the way….I know the meaning of life now.  I didn't even have to sit on top of a mountain either, it just came to me over time.  The big reason we are all here bumbling around together wreaking havoc on each other is to be happy and enjoy life.  That's it.  If everyone reached the point where they were happy and enjoyed life I guess we'd have global satori, lol.  Does that make sense?   Global satori.  Well it sounds good.  Think about it……are the trouble makers happy people?  Was Hitler a happy little gnome?  No.  Hussein?  Nuh uh.  You get my point.  And if you don't I don't care because it's mine.  But just think how sad it would be to die unhappy.  Maybe my brain is itchy too.  Bye.

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