Monday, November 29, 2010

Someone sent me a link to Tetris.......

....and that just....... well no it didn't slow me down.  I actually got more done today than many a day.  Thank you Tetris link sender, thank you.  So, I'm the heck did it get to be 18 minutes til kids come home?  and now that the cooking chicken schmutz is smelling so good can I call off the spareribs I planned on for dinner?   I'm sure I'm wondering something else too.  Not sure what.  Maybe I'll make some hot chocolate and heat the boys up when they get home then steer them back out right away to deliver Scouting for Food bags and christmas tree flyers just to get it over with and be done.  Maybe.  or have everyone haul wood up to the patio again.....I think the fire would burn hotter with dry wood lol.  So I figured out the Christmas gift that will knock the girls socks off and it costs a grand total of.....nothing.  Yay....nothing costing gifts.....if I want to knock them on their hineys I can also do so for just a itty bitty bit more than nothing.  Girls if you read this I don't know what I'm talking about.  Girls friends if you read this please don't tell the girls.....thank you.  So that was exciting. keeps a lingering, oh another yay....big girl just came home and like the good smelling chicken schmutz so add baby carrots and noodles and snack is complete.....and it wipes out the need for the warming hot chocolate for the boys!  Yeah, I have nothing to say.  My Zappos blog got approved teehee.....I have nothing to say.  Well, I do but I don't.....kinda weird.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spider Monkeys

First off.....spider monkeys are just cool......and saying it is just cool...."spiii-da monnnnnkey"....and the whole concept of something/someone coming at you like a spider monkey is funny.  So that being said, as I was once again observing Surely going all spider monkey on the dogs again it struck me how some people are just like spider monkeys going all ape sh*+ on you.  You're just wandering around minding your own business, say like a pathetic zombie looking schnauzer, when out of the blue.....or off the top of the table.....this spastic bundle of insane lands on you......who the why the wha the was that?  So anyway....deep sunday morning thoughts that have left me wondering about the need for the spider monkey smackdown. 

The girls are off at their dad's this weekend and the boys are here with me very impatiently waiting for the computer.....soon soon.  You know what I discovered?  A bad bad thing......there is as much fiddling around to do on a blog page as there is on a Facebook page.  Almost.  Will not be sucked in....resist.......yeah, that ain't happening.  Life is tooling along, waiting waiting waiting for employment......"oh I still need to hear from your references". "have they been called?", "oh not yet".  OK....'cause I have an endless time to wait.  Not. So, yeah getting to well, I guess I go look elsewhere and either like it and stay or quit as soon as my references get called.  icky blah.  That's what I think of that.  I've even gone to the "'re in" meeting already.   But anyway.....until then I'll settle for writing stuff and throwing in links....... Vista Print .....hee hee.  I was so not going to do that this time......but hey they seem to have a plethora of affordable online and print solutions.  Like lots, everything from free business cards, to calendars to hoodies....if you want a personalized hoodie. 

Cat just spider monkied the dogs...monkey-ed?  Went all spider monkey.  That works and since the boys are getting all insistent and hungry I guess I better get on my way and do remember, for all your online and print needs will take care of you nicely....I'm sure.  Ok....I've never used their services but they have a nice site. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Zappos and Doc Martens....I knew a Dr. Martin once.......

.....but that's not this Doc Marten I'm back and after a bit O "research" am now a new Doc Marten's/Zappos fan. Yeah.....I LOVE ZAPPOS!   After tooling around in the Doc Martens pages of the Zappos site for a bit I feel a smidge educated.....did you know that Doc Marten's are not just a brand but a way of thinking? Uh huh, they are.....they allow you to show off your funky grungy bestness and apparently they go great with body art, spiky hair and grunge shorts......I If you're like all serious and stuff and not into the Kurt Cobain thing....yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about.....but if you're all serious on the outside but have a bit of freak down in there somewhere I think you could still get away with some Docs.....I don't think they'd chase you down or anything. The classic 1460 first I though "no...they didn't have Doc Martens in 1460" then I realized it was a style number....but the classic 1460 style was used by factory workers, union workers and postmen.....rebels of our past, wait no....but regardless the 1460 now symbolizes individual originality and a bold unique personal style. Me myself? I would like a pair of the Jenny Tall pull-on boots just so I can say my boots and I share the same name, not for any other reason because they aren't my favorite style. I really liked the Bellissa and the standby 1460 in the muted red going purely on if I ever wander down the road towards a Doc purchase I will have some tough decisions to make.  

The site has some nifty little things you can sign up for such as announcements of new styles coming out for the real hardcore Doc Marten groupies, or the weekly shameless plug which I can only assume is a voluntary cry for advertisements to be delivered to your in box. I do that sometimes....that's why I get so many pairs of free underwear.....but that's another story. Zappos also has free shipping, free returns and a whopping 365 day return policy. I always thought there was something wrong with buying something through the mail and having to pay to return it, but maybe that's just has kept me out of the mail delivery method or buying stuff though.

Let's see....what else have I discovered about Zappos/Doc Martens ? Um.....if you want to work in Las Vegas that's where they are, in addition to aomewhere else but I didn't pay attention to that, and the CEO appears to have a tattoo of Zappos on his head. It could just be a rub on one though. The company has a list of family core values for it's employees and I guess eveyone to live and work by, for example....#8 is "do more with less"....yeah, there's a bunch more but that's the only one I remember yeah! The finance department resembles a kindergarten class minus the graham crackers and lukewarm, curdily milk.....they randomly choose a person and have a random act of kindness parade and like take their pictures in from of a sign and stuff and generally make them feel like da bomb for no known reason. Uh huh. Soooooo, if you want to work for Zappos you can get to the employment link through here...sorta like a magic portal....  awesome Zappos jobs .

Insurance assurance's been awhile since I got one of these, actually I got one a few months ago but wasn't really into taking advantage of it. Last week I open my email and lo and behold TWO woohoo......I'd call that employed!!! Yeah, aim low I know. For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about that's ok just go with it. Anyway, the first one was a website about affordable health care, which is quite timely actually since I am hopefully soon to be unceremoniously dumped from the rolls, roles? which is it? the list of people making up the insured population. Plop......gone. It's exciting lol. Exciting as it may be though in all responsible thought I really can't be toodling along with no insurance whatsoever.......the boys will be insured through their dad but I released the girls dad from that so they will be uninsured as will I. I'm not to worried about the girls since the Healthy Kids program has been plastered everywhere not to mention when in a certain financial situation "they" apparently are not going to allow you to be without insurance.....but that's another story. Wait a minute lol......why am I.....NM.

Not sure if that all was coherent or not but anyway......I went and checked out and actually thought it a good overview of health insurance options, kind of a health insurance for idiots type of thing and it kind of left me feeling supported in my unfounded ideas about health insurance.......that it's out there and if you don't demand the best of the best of everything then you can get yourself affordably insured to protect against the worst case scenario type stuff. I mean that's what matters anyway, at the moment I have really good insurance and still have to pay to go where I want anyway so the whole major medical thing sounds good to me.  Best health insurance quotes.

So, gives you an idea of what HMO, PPO and major medical are and what the differences in coverages and costs are. It, darn cat........stay off the keyboard!!!!!!! Anybody know how to un-italicize a keyboard? Anyway, it also goes into long term care insurance and other reasons you may need to be looking into providing your own insurance rather than depend upon other sources, such as in the case of adult students, domestic partners, transitional times like between employment ect. So yeah, anyone who sorta has looked into health insuring themselves may want to give the site a looksee.....or not. That would be totally up to them.