Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Do you like chicken hearts?" There is nothing like watching your child sit oh so nicely at the table when you have guests for dinner and see him turn ever so seriously to one of them and ask "do you like chicken hearts?" apparently the child doesn't because he then proceded to say he didn't think he did because they were the hearts from chickens and that sounded gross. So we had a nice if not a little bit late dinner....due to bad, shirt makes musical sounds when strummed.....anyway...nice dinner, nice wedding reception earlier, nice workout at Curves earlier. I keep exceding my goals...I think they better jack up the goals but I guess it'll get there....I guess that makes it an overall nice day.....well except for that 30 min or so in Albany, not lol, lmao. But we won't talk about that. Speaking of Albany, Carolee and I lost it for a while last night, it was right there then it was gone. How do you lose a whole city at night? It seems the lights would show for a ways, but we lost the whole city. We went and did our roller skating, which I enjoyed.....I'll have to see about Carolee :D. We decided to go to Boon's afterwards because it was still early and had to go get Carolee's car in Albany and took the wrong turn in the biggie right? It's all Albany......nuh uh....we lost Albany....drove for a while, did you know that the outskirts of Albany has some huge water filled ditches right up to the roads? It does. We did refind Albany buy making a lot of right turns and found the car and headed back to Salem, listened to the rest of the music and ate...cajun tater tots, fries, hummus and a cheeseburger for me and chowder for her. That was a darn good cheeseburger let me tell you. Our night of adventure for the month....but how do you lose a city?

Friday, February 26, 2010

I was so not going to do this today, because I mean stupid lol. Eh....oh well, here I am :D. Today has been a rather cool day, I love the sort of steady grey days that don't change, just drizzle all day, no wind no sun no drama....just get in the house, turn all the lights on and be calm and sluglike.....warm and cozy like a slug. I've had theFrench music thing going with the occasional dip into Italian and painted and did laundry and dishes and did some staring at the ceiling, which is highly underrated by the way, I looked at the living room and did nothing. Do you know how many days of neglect it takes before the children move into the living room? Two....just two and you may as well call it their bedroom. Oh, I did go out and hit that I'm in the computer thing it's even cooler. I tried the having a picture of myself on Facebook but that was just weird....besides everyone knows what I look like and it's like yeah...there I am. What does that say? Not much....other pics say more, everyone sees the outside of everybody. Anyway...the me pic got yanked I'm a bird. I am actually getting excited about tonight I'm 12 or something. A friend and I are going rollerskating, what is it with roller skates? Or is it just the going in a circle? I think it's just the going in a circle on wheels. Or the total uselessness of the whole thing? Whatever...wheels here we come.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Same old same old....Curves, got set up on the Smart thing which adds some challenge to the whole thing.....I need imposed challenge lol......came home, got changed.....wore my old lady suit jacket I neglected to mention getting yesterday and went to the care center place. I was just finishing putting up the signs from before and one lady evidently thought I was someone official because she really wanted to talk about stuff, I told her repeatedly I was nobody official but she kept going back to it lol.....but we had a nice 45 minute talk. It must have been the old lady suit jacket that made me look officious or something .....the lady who sent me out with the signs probably wondered where the heck I got to. Heading out of there got a text from Jeff about walking at was a symetrical time or texted him back and asked if he wanted ice cream :D....I got my ice cream in the park . Also got to swing but that does NOT make me a swinger. Or maybe it does? What are the rules on that terminology? Anyway....I haven't had a real ice cream cone in a long time and it was good....jamocha almond fudge or something like that. Tonight Anna does her cheer thing at half time of Sprague's basketball game....that child did not get that from me but I'm glad she has no fear of performance lol....poor Isaac is going to get to deal with that curse. Sorry kid. Nah.....he got some other awesome traits :D. I laways feel weird punctuating after a smiley. Like it's got a blemish or something. Oooooohhhhhh........we go roller skating tomorrow night!!!! Maybe I can talk Joe into going....or maybe not...hmmmm......I'll try. I'll just say this...if people's lives are boring it's their own doing.....I'd go watch someone else skate if I didn't want to myself. Besides where else are you going to hear Mickey anymore???? Or YMCA?????? Black Eyed Peas are coming to Tacoma I believe...taking Anna is very tempting, but probably not. Isn't that why you get teenagers? So you can get away with stuff like that? Like you have toddlers so you can steal their tater tots at restaurants.....every age child has a benefit attached. I really need to paint....or pay someone and pretend I did. Actually I want to do the one butt bathroom and paint the walls light green and the ceiling gold :D.....and since nobody but the kids use it I could get away with that.....maybe black wall and a gold ceiling? Then it would be like sitting inside a pot of gold rather than just sitting on the pot? In my mind it's a beautiful combination. The green and gold lol, not the black and gold.
Good morning....I still haven't quite figured out why the kids are ready so early lately.....other than the fact that there aren't extra kids here anymore, but still. Anyway.....I've spent the last day or two thinking of taking a Facebook vacation because while normally it works for me eventually talking to yourself gets lonely.....well I guess not lonely because of the wonderful responses from some friends :) but more because it's just the flaky side of life.....which I do adore so why am I bitching? anyway again.....and yes I know it's just a horoscope but I like this one because it frequently hits the nail on the head, so here goes......

Gemini horoscope for February 25, 2010
Your creative, offbeat nature shines today. You'll enliven any group and challenge anyone whose thinking is more narrow or traditional than yours. That means some people may not get your point, but at least you'll make them think. Maybe soon they'll realize you were right all along. Until then, keep doing what you're doing, and stay positive. It's not always easy to go it alone, but that may be your path, at least for the present.

So, it says to "keep doing what I'm doing" and the Facebook vacation is least until everyone realizes I'm right lmao. Okay......too much morning time, Jake has hand and foot cuffed Isaac with huge pipe cleaners and the dogs are attacking him, I guess small child on the floor means "dog toy".

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 are all home but they dispersed quickly....Katie went to Starburst for a drink with a friends and Mom, and the boys grabbed food and ran off here I am, shucky darn. Let's see......all is calm in the Calvo realm once again, hallelujah, I ran around all day :) and just got back. Curves, care center, sushi, Goodwill, and walking....a well spent day.....oops brb.....reminded myself I should do something productive lol. So, laundry is in, dinner is cooking...little tiny chickens which will be turned into little tiny chicken and beef curry (because I have a chunk of leftover beef, I realize that chicken and beef curry is not a normal combo), and dishes done. Guess I should gather the boys and finish up their homework soon too....later. I know my Mom never had as much homework as I have now....what's up with that? Went to Goodwill for Jeans....I like getting jeans at Goodwill because they have a whole rack of stuff from every brand imagineable so you don't have to go to a billion stores and come home and still not have found any....instead there they are, one from each store or brand just waiting to see which one fits you. Kind of makes you feel special too knowing that they are just waiting for you. Men don't have this problem because they are just waists and lengths.....ocassionally there's a guy with a girl butt but not often. I also look at the jewelry because I like other peoples stuff and there's some cool stuff in there....and well, I must confess to a penchant for old lady suit jackets....and yeah I found one today and the lady I helped wouldn't help me....she said "no, sorry can't help you because that's a cool one" so I had to buy it. I helped her and told her hers didn't fit very well so she put it back.....hmmmph. Jake just ran by and kissed me...he's been rather affectionate lately lol. What else what else.....ummmm......Alice was all dolled up today and looked rather nice, she's really very pretty, particularly when she smiles.....but then most people are. So smile people. and stop wearing crew necl T-shirts....they are a bad thing. Unless you're a guy then it's ok. Jeff texted and wanted to walk so went there and got home about 5 minutes before the kids. Jake just told me he loved me...what's up with the kid? So tonight is the last night of Cheer Camp then the game....why do they call it that? It's 3 one hour sessions and a halftime performance...well, I guess I just answered my own question.....Cheer Camp is a lot shorter than 3 one hour sessions and a halftime performance. Duh. Now, I shall go get busy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello....good afternoon and how do you do? I do. And I hope you do too. Waiting for the kids again, I seem to do that a lot.....but today there's an exciting twist! I'm laminating at the same time.....I can do three things at once, wait, laminate and blog.....oooohhhh......over at Sunnyside I've been invited into the more clerical eschelons...again, don't know how to spell that....don't I'm laminating signs for all the rooms and got to bring the machine home to finish since I had to run. I've also been asked to beautify all the bulletin boards the residents have in their don't ever say I have a useless degree! Ok...the one I got maybe lol, but the one I wanted is sort of being put to use. Sort of. Anyway, I like it. I went and saw Old Dogs with Jeff last night....that was a good movie, made you, or at least me, laugh without being too goofy and came home to kidney failure. Don't ask...if you know me guess lol. Yes, the turmoil has begun, hopefully it will soon end. I really don't know what to do this time around, just keep on and wait is my approach so far. So keeping on keeping on and waiting. I'm really not an unfeeling witch but hey. So, laminating and thinking of bulletin boards. I hit 195.4 today, so that's good. That's 30 pounds now since a year ago October and I am now in the danger zone...I have never lost 30 pounds without ending up with another child.....which WILL NOT be happening. There will be NO miracle children. I've told myself once I hit 185 I'm going to go ride the carousal....I don't think I've ever ridden that one. I wonder if they have a zebra? Hmmmm.....I'd better not like, look good or anything.....shoot, didn't think of that. OK, I'll shut up. Why do I always have to shut up? I don't want to....but fine. I went and got my hair there's a concept.....I go and "get my hair done" who'd a thunk? Anyway, apparently I have fast growing hair....I never paid attention. I really like the Hair Lady, and she wears dangly earrings with glasses and doesn't look stupid so it can be done......I shall do that. Tomorrow. Anna has her Cheer Camp thing tonight again....I am so not peppy....who knows maybe I am? Nah. After that I'm going to take the rest of the kids over to what's left of Math Night......always a blast. You know, I feel like I should volunteer at the school or something but quite frankly, I don't get along with the other mothers.....and the office ladies are grumpy. So I don't. Besides, I have like hours and hours of undiluted time with my kids. You know what I think is really sad? I think it's really sad when sad people really should be happy when you go. Don't you think?

Monday, February 22, 2010

I can't do hopeless and I can't pretend to do hopeless......I don't get it. I can do WTF and pissed if necessary, but hopeless eludes me. I guess in that moment right before death there might be a twinge of "Oh's hopeless" which would be where religion kicks in? I do know dealing with it is downright exhausting, fortunately....fortunately what? I don't know, I guess it just needs to be accepted that I don't get it and don't try and to get me there because I don't want to go. You can come with me if you want but I don't want to go there. That being said, we had a very nice yesterday for the boys b-day....we got up, had breakfast, opened presents, and got out the door for the coast at 9:00. We got there with only one episode of pukage!!! The weather was beautiful and the boys got something for their birthday they've never had and may never again, I get it every year :D having the good luck to have a summer birthday, but they got to have a summer day birthday and I know Jake thought it was pretty cool. Hung out there for about 5 hours and headed home, got ready for parents ect to come over. Joe came home a day early for some reason so he was here for dinner, had dinner, had cheesecake, put kids to bed, went to bed. I love hearing these boys giggle....the girls don't giggle....they're sitting next to me putting together their Lego stuff....giggling. A friend of mine said he was going to Northern Lights tonight, trying to decide if I should or not.....I shouldn't have to decide if I "should" or not, if I "want to" or not, ok...."should" not ok. Of course if I do there may be a repeat of the lawless behavior on our last I need a bad influence in my life? Someone who lives their lives flouting rules and conventions? Telling me lies and coercing me into things I know aren't right. Yeah sure....there's another bridge down the way....after leaving the beaten path and exploring the wild creekside paths....was that when I about walked over the edge? It was lol....oh yeah, if I had fallen in would I have been offered any I know this because I asked...he just said he'd take a picture. So I follow this renegade down little known paths and over the bridge....which I kept saying was the ONLY one......and over into the neighborhood where there is no other bridge. I knew it, well actually there was but it posted clear as day that it was for the use of the RESIDENTS and that there was no trespassing, there was even a lock on the gate! A lock! The gate wasn't closed but it did have a lock on it which must mean something......Hey I just found out the boys have imaginary friends named Jeff and Bob and that really it's just talking to your brain and they are never lonely.......good boys......anyway, yes we surry across the private bridge into the center of a residential setting and out the other side. We are very fortunate that we didn't get caught.......then the Rebel has the nerve to say "oh....there they are" to a patch of purple flowers like he knew they were there all along so he could take a picture of them. So....I'll have to see. There is Cub Scouts and Cheer Camp tonight but they're done by 8:00 and now I'm going to start talking in circles. I think I have shaken off the effects of vicarious only took big obnoxious food and get this....a huge cup of Pepsi, yes...I bought a huge cup of Pepsi and some Muchas Gracias carne asada nachos, ate most of it then felt like crap and slept for a couple hours.....but I feel much better now :). I like the word "crap" I know it's quite crude but it has a certain charm....."crap"......I think it's the hard C and the's pleasing.
Wow. Is it possible for a breeze of discontent to blow through in the night? Well, I guess the largest discontent blew through somewhere else and came home......I got the kids all out of their funks before sending them off so they should be good by afternoon and I'm easy lol. Hmmmm......what can I possibly say on here.....I'll just say the roller coaster is leaving the station. Today I need to start pulling all the lose threads that are hanging, ever just kind of want to slack off? I do a couple times a year, then it gets scary and whoops, better get on that....of course I have all those perpetual slacking areas and sometimes I don't think those will change but I've kind of just accepted that that's the way those are going to be lol. BUT.....that being said I do need to pay the bills....I just don't want to. But I will. Soon, after this. I will pay bills, clean up from yesterday, finish up the laundry, go to Sunnyslope, maybe eat some celery....celery works magic did you know? Have a sit down/smack down/shape up if necessary and if all else fails go to a movie tonight.'s not much of a plan but it'll work.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I think I'll be up for awhile again tonight lol, darn coffee.....there's something about the combo of agave syrup and the coffee that works wonders. I was up til 4:30 last night which was a bad bad thing.....but tonight I'll actually utilize the buzz since I didn't last night. I've got to get everything ready for the boys birthday tomorrow tonight, it's just grandparents and aunts and uncles and stuff but if I get all done tonight then tomorrow we just get up, eat breakfast and head out...I ended up getting them a bunch of Lego stuff and's kind of nice that all they want is Legos and Bionicles, easy. Maybe Joe will call but I doubt it....he's working and I know the rules (nodding wide eyed and obediently).....phbbbllltttttt on that lol. Ever feel like you've been thrown to the wolves in a way.....but I think I like the wolves. Next it'll be..."um, could you stop playing with the wolves please?" Nuh uh. Anyway.....break over, chowder calls.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wait for kids time again. So I am. Today was very unproductive and it's just too nice a day for that but you know, sometimes you just go with I've done nothing....not even dishes :D.....except talk to Alice for awhile...didn't even go to curves for reasons of my own. BRB....ok.....dishes are done and laundry is out. That's better. I got asked the other day if I was Why? lol I've been called something similar to witch but I don't think they were thinking Wiccan.....maybe they were? That would have changed the whole scenario......shoot, maybe I owe an apology hehee. Anyway, no...I'm not Wiccan.....I'm a lousy Catholic, which ironically makes me a better one I think. But that's just me. Joe is out of town for a few days and the dog just walked under me and farted. Why do they do that??? Can't they go away and do that? Then they stop and look back....yeah, that was you buster. Is the fact that the dogs are always under my feet a sign of love and devotion, insecurity, or am I just Alpha dog? They don't follow Joe around and won't listen to him, I've had to get out of bed to get them in the kitchen before because they wouldn't for Joe. I want a T-shirt that says I'm the lead dog, right after I get the Whiskey Makes me Frisky one. Since I don't think we can do the beach thing today because Katie has orchestra til 4:15 maybe we'll just pretend and throw some stuff in the bag and eat dinner at a park, tomorrow there's a 4-H meeting at 1:00 so if the weather is holding at the beach still we may head then....or Sunday lol. Sunday is the boy's birthday and I've changed plans yet again...the Walking with Dinos idea got squelched and replaced with seeing Avatar sometime next that even still around? I wouldn't mind seeing it but Isaac doesn't like movies and Jake has proven in the past to be terrified of 3-D but hey.......I have Sunday lol. Somewhere I need to make a pot of clam chowder....actually 2 pots because I don't have one pot big enough.....I wish for a big pot. If I make it tomorrow then I have Sunday free and if I don't then we're a little more time crunched......dude, maybe I'll jack myself up on coffee and make it tonight!!! Ooops....since dinos is off I need to think of what to get them. Hmmmm....anyone have a large supply of large boxes? Maybe I'll make a trip to IKEA and get some lol. Last time I went I almost had the coolest hexagon box ever to bring home but I couldn't get it in the van.....sigh. Ooooh ooh....I have beef....and broccoli.....viola....dinner! That was easy...."what's for dinner?" "beef....and broccoli". I guess I should pay'll be fun because this was activity smack down AND concrete pour month and concrete was underestimated by about a freakin yard.....which meant hitting the minimum charge. Phbbblllttttt. Eh.....oh vell....and yes I meant to put a "v"...unlike most other mistakes which are just typos and since I don't read before hitting publish sometimes it's interesting lol. Anna just came in and has a sore throat....since I don't allow those she's hitting the vitamin D and pineapple....that'll do it. Because I say so.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So Anna came home from school with a fair amount of black eye make-up on......"'re wearing make-up" said I "uh huh" said she......"well the colors aren't the best for you I don't think" said I, "I hate it" said she. Whew. "Maybe some lighter colors if you want" said I, "no, I don't need it" said she. Good girl lol. Hit Curves again...that place is like being on a japanese gameshow....speedy music with a voice every three seconds or so "change stations now" so all these old ladies climb off their machine and onto the next....when the music stops whoever's on that butt machine over there wins a special prize!!!! OK, not really but that would be kind of cool. Went home, cleaned up, showered and went over to help Alice out with putting all her stuff where she wanted it, she just switched rooms. I brought her the fake bird from yesterday and stuck it in the birdhouse, she seemed to like it. Alice is my lady, I like the name Alice. I wanted to name Anna Alice or Daisy but Dad didn't want an old fashioned name.....Anna was going to be Hanna but then her initials would have been HO and no future middle schooler should be saddled with that, so we went to Anna...but my point is aren't Hanna and Anna old fashioned? I just said OK, sounds good and not at all old fashioned. Whatever. Katie was named after my doll I had growing up, actually still have somewhere. Katie, meet Katie... Let's see, boys birthday is on Sunday, Joe will be gone...thinking of just doing it all on Sunday and he can do something after he gets home, but then I wanted to take them to Walking with Dinosaurs for their gift which would work just fine. Dinner with the grandparents on Sunday and dinos later in the week with Daddy.....only problem is anything with six people ends up costing buucko....I have no idea how to spell that but that's what I want to say so deal......bucks. But then who cares it'll be fun. The last thing they need is more toys anyway and clothes are boring when you're a boy and eight. How did they get to be eight? How did Anna get to be fourteen? Good Lord....How old am I??? These Post-its have changed my life, it's like little sticky pieces of paper that stick anywhere!!!! I just have to look up and see al sorts of things I need to do....whoa, look at that, all sorts of stuff....I've always been a last minuter though, I aways do get done what needs to be done but it is less worrisome having it all staring at me. I hear dogs barking, kids are almost here....yippee....oh, I don't like the smell of lemon starch, it's ok then when it gets hot ew....lavendar is much nicer, sorry get flowery.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a beautiful of those roll your window down and go for a drive days....which I did of course. I didn't intend to but I needed a fake bird after going to the retirement center, which I did after going to anyway before getting the fake bird I stopped in at the sushi place because I hadn't been there in a long time and well, why not? So I drove out to Lancaster to look for a bird at Craft Warehouse and did find's orange and yellowish....a happy little fake bird. Anyway, they had all of their wonder boards 50% off (head droops remosefully for a second).....(then pops back up) I bought one ( :D )....not an outrageously sized one which I really really wanted to do but a decent sized one, now where to stash it? Or shall I just boldly display it for all to see? Yeah, display. But after that I went out 22 for a bit til it started to rain, I turned back towards the sun and did a backroad meander for about an hour, you're never really lost until you admit it. I was looking for a cemetary or somewhere to pull out the blanket and enjoy the sun for a bit but no luck, usually you find one out in the boondocks somewhere. Maybe next time. I did see the cutest baby cow ever, like double take cute......cows are cute in their own cowish way but this guy was super cute.....maybe because he/she was of the longhorn variety? Are they known for uber cute offspring? They do make rather attractive adults cows? Now, it's back home and time to think about kids coming home and dinner....again.....speaking of, is there some like high cal food pills you can take? I haven't been hungry for like a month and I keep forgetting to eat which I don't want to do.....I don't really mind because I feel great but supposedly that's not a good thing to do. I always kind of figured just go with what feels good but I normally don't forget to eat lol. Maybe all my stuff has just kicked in and is working as it should? Because I'm really just not hungry. Oh well. I'm going to go play with my wonder board.....later.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks to the Cupboard of Food I have found something decent for dinner.....actually most of it came from the fridge come to think of it....but the inspirational ingredient came from the Cupboard of Food. A bag of fancy noodles to be turned into fancy mac n cheese, along with half a pack of spicy sausages, leftover baked chicken, brussel sprouts...I love brussel sprouts.....and a salad. BRB.....ok, mac n cheese in the oven. It has sharp cheddar, mild cheddar and mozzerella in it...maybe a bit of a cheese fest but oh well, nobody ever died from too much cheese.....well, maybe they have but what a way to go. I'm thinking I really need shake dinner up lol, problem is I'm never hungry at dinner time and Joe hardly ever eats with us so it's whatever the kids will like....not very challenging at all. Tonight I'm thinking of having a laundry go with the cheese fest....I haven't done any all weekend and yeah, we all know where that leads. I like getting it all done and then tomorrow I can say "WOW!!! no laundry" and the next day I can put some in the washer and there's NONE in the dryer!!!!! That just makes my day. Like getting a bonus. Today Katie gave me another one of her special "compliments" that only she can come up with....."Mommy...I like the way your belly jiggles". You know, she's so sincere you really can't say anything except "thank you dear". Oh oh oh....good news, for me at least....I have a new pair of Happy Jeans! My last pair bit the dust some months ago and I've been attired, but no Happy Jeans and then suddenly this pair I've had for a long time made me quite happy when I put them on.....hmmmmm.....who'd a thunk they were there all along? Maybe I'll watch a movie while enjoying laundry fest. Melissa texted today and was in town and wanted to know if I wanted to go up to a fall with her and her Mom so I did, learned of a new napping spot :D and if I can figure out how to get there again I will be napping on Melissa's napping rock on some glorious spring day. If you see on the news that a Salem woman fell to her death at Shellburg Falls, well then we know that wasn't a very good idea don't we? But what's a life where you can't take a nap on a rock? I'm going to reinstitute beach naps too....those are awesome. Ironically, with all my running around lately I actually get more done in the house and am feeling capable of tackling the boys cub scout achievements and am thinking of actually getting a baseball mitt/glove/catching device? for when Little League revs up. Last year I was sorta lazy and just took them to the park and hit balls out for them to catch boys run. Also going to teach poor Isaac to ride his bike when we have a nice day, much like today was. Took Anna to Curves with me this morning and Katie to the Retirement center, we didn't do much today...just chair tai chi/yoga and talked...the others were going to Lum Yuen for lunch, but now Katie wants to go with me in the summer, and so does Anna.....and the boys. Back to the one Mom four kids situation lol. I modified the lame coffee maker, there was a little broken piece in there that was making it so the thing that plugged the hole when you took the pot out before brewing was done was always on plugged so I just broke the corresponding piece off too.....viola. Fixed. Whew almost forgot the most important part of dinner....brussel sprouts are now cooking. Now they should be used for breast cancer awareness.....not ugly paper towels...which come to think of it are instrumental in the production of cancer causing dioxins in the bleaching process or something unless they've changed there ways. You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? A Facebook friend posted about her ugly paper towels but that they were for breast cancer awareness so it was all good. come the cruciferouses aren't promoting breast cancer awareness? My doctor told me to eat broccoli for my boobs. eh....ok. I like those kinds of orders.....the other doc told me to read books lol. Speaking of, I need to get back to that one...I got to the point where it told me to do stuff by myself and well.....never got back to the book. Maybe I was written by an alcoholic author so maybe it gets better. I must say...the mac n cheese looks delish....too bad I'm not hungry courtesy of the half of a pepper rope I ate in Mehama. Regardless....I must bid this adieu, I have no firm idea of how to spell that so good bye.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Howdy....Happy Valentine's Day or Anti-Valentine's Day....whichever the case may be. I apologize in advance but I'm gonna vent wee bit.....what in the heckety heck is so wrong or offensive or or or......or disapproval deserving about my Facebook page??? If you "disapprove" because what, 10 months ago I said you were annoying? If the shoe fits.......and get over it it's my right as your elder so phhbbbllltttt.......and as for the other, I find it somewhat offensive to be treated like there is something so horrible on my page that it can't even be mentioned without the proverbial sticking of your fingers in your ears and going "lalalalala....I can't hear you-oooooo". Well poop. Whatever I put on here I put because I want to, I don't care if anyone else looks at it or reads it, but I thoroughly enjoy it and a lot of it is a pretty big part of who I am, or how I am and to refuse to acknowledge any part of it is to refuse to acknowledge that part of me. So, again.....poop. And no, I'm not talking about Joe :). Maybe I should change my interests and only be interested in the weather and the vegetables and the flowers? Nah.......anyway, bowling sucked lol.....97, 96 and 117. I don't even know what to blame it on so I guess I'll just stay with bowling sucked. Ummm......don't go trying to pick up Valentine's doodads on the day because there is four of nothing left in the oddball assortment of stuff left....which is ok if there is a large selection but when it's "well three of them can get something really cool but the fourth gets um.....'that'" then it's not so good. So they all get something lame or one feels shortchanged.
Joe gave me an orchid last night....the whole orchid thing works out pretty well. I get them in the house for the months they are pretty then he takes them out and cuts them up to propagate. For some reason I really feel like fried chicken for dinner. That's unusual......and at the same time stunningly easy to prepare....hmmmmm........can I justify? No, probably's my own problem for not taking anything out of the freezer lol. At any rate I guess I'd better go figure dinner out.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, I woke up this morning with a monkey head on my wrist and a sparkly chest......good thing I know where I was last night or I might wonder. Went up to a friends in Beaverton , talked totally off topic-ish for a couple hours then had one of those lady parties....which is where the sparkly chest came have to try all the stuff out...well, to a at the end of it all you're all lotioned, sparkly, glowy, pheromoney......a perfect state to in which to hop on Max and go to the Crystal Ballroom and listen to 80's music ...I say listen cause, yeah....I still don't dance in public. It's what I would call a of these days because I dance all the time at home. Anyway, having not having been on anything remotely train like in about 20 years it was fun and I've always wanted to go to the Crystal Ballroom and the huge monkey head stamp on my wrist was just a bonus.....which led me to think maybe another tattoo...I know I said I would never go there but never say never. Went to Curves....ok, that place is cool....takes all the nasty out of a gym and just gets it done, went to the Care Center yesterday and helped some residents make flower arrangements for the dining room which is quite funny in it's own way.....met one lady I think I really like, actually can just see it in them. So back on Monday except I'll bring a kid along. I'm hungry.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 for kids. One of these days I'll get an organized food thing going, for now it's whaddya want? Did my first Curves workout thing.....ok, if it works that's about the easiest thing in the world....if it doesn't work then I guess it's a waste of time but since there's a whole huge business thing depending upon the programs success I will have faith that it will work. Though I think I will cheat and double it because I do like to feel something. Also went back to the, I guess I'll call it the Care Center, got semi-offered another job lol. I'm not looking for a job, ironically if I wanted one I probably couldn't find one. Anyway, I got to put name things on doors instead of help with the excercise gig, which was ok with me. I guess one of the gentlemen there likes to remove the name tags so I went around with super duper tape in an effort to thwart this particular gents enjoyment....turns out he was the fellow following me around and whistling.....sorry guy, you'll have to work a little harder now. There was this lady who sat in the hall and made random noises....I like her, you say something to her and she answers might not make sense but that's ok. I do like old people though, they're like young people.....but old.....tomorrow we're decorating cookies. Going there does give you great incentive to take care of yourself though, I'm trying my darndest to either have a speedy demise or retain all my faculties until the would be horrible to have to live being told you can't have a drink yet, you have to wait. Gosh darnit, I want my juice!!! Tonight I believe Alan, Jeff and I are walking...that's good because I farted off on this mornings walk.....let's see tomorrow I'm going to something about being madly in love with me lol......I already am....not to be too egotistical I'll see what that is all about and it's followed by one of "those" parties and "those" parties are always fun.....and I get to break the Salem boundary oh and Joe said I could get a I strike while the iron is hot or be responsible and safe and stick with the mini-van? Yeah, for now. I still want to get my kicks on route 66....and someday I will. Let's see....the boys are almost 8 so 375 days from now....then I shall. Toodles.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seventeen minutes til the kids come home......time to catch breathe and make popcorn lol. I just got back from yesterday follow-up......went to Curves and joined, apparently made the ladies day because I thought it was cool her house burned down, maybe I need to work on my personal reactions, but hey....if your house burns down you get another is that bad? Maybe that's just my own personal view but the end of it all she offered me a job. 15-20 hours a week.......well, I'm not really looking for one but ok....unfortunately it was the hours I need to be home with the kids so that's out, but it was kind of cool lol. "Hey, you'd be good for business.....want a job?" Must be because I rock so dang much. After that I had an appointment with the care center lady and went around the place, met Violet who used to own a Piggly Wiggly, Monty who was the Comanding do you spell Kernal in the military style? of the National Guard for Oregon, and Hilda an Olympic gold medalist in swimming long ago enough that she got the medal from Hitler tomorrw I'm going to go and help with an excercise class lol, and get this....the lady asked how good I was with computers, and I said well not great and she said well, we'd like someone to run a Facebook is that not LMAO worthy? So I said, yeah....I know Facebook. Who says there isn't a power the be? Also potentially the "Birthday Lady"......hmmm....probably could do that one too. She called me "bold and energetic", ok I guess. Ran to the library and picked up some human form pose books, swung by the insurance office because I kinda sorta forgot to pay the bill and now I wait for children. Who thought such a simple question could be such a kick in the butt? Plans for tonight? Standing around naked for prolonged periods of time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello, got it all figured out now. I now know what I will be doing for the rest of my life til I figure something else out. I went downtown to get some pencils, after I went to the old people place and filled out their mongo application to volunteer as a something or other, I forgot what they called it but it sounds coolish.....and I like old people, especially old men in hats and old ladies with necklaces, I got my pencils, found the class I want to take but it started last week and I don't want to jump in late since I know nothing. I stopped in at a jeweler to ask the possibilty of gettin my moonstone bracelet filled in with the missing stones because I haven't been able to wear it since I got it and I want to, then I went around the block and the store that used to be the cool french store apparently became a cool shoe store, unfortunately it also was going out of business.....which meant 60% off almost everything. I know am the proud owner of a pair of shiny black shoes with shiny black flowers on the tops and a pair of shiny red shoes with buckles. Let's see....headed down to the Little Cannoli and bought some macaroons and bread for dinner, down to the corner and got a smallish cup of bold coffee and sat outside and had a macaroon and watched a homeless looking fellow flick cigarette butts across the sidewalk. I vaguely though of offering him a macaroon but then thought no....being homeless looking is no reason to be icky. So I didn't give him one. Oh yeah....back at the pencil store there was a note on the bulliten board wanting models for a life drawing group....did you know there were groups that got together every week and drew naked people? Anyway, called George up and went tonight to see the if I can do that.......I need to practice. Tomorrow the library. What else did I do? Oh yeah, the normal house stuff except laundry because of the flood situation, maybe tomorrow. And caught Jeff and Alan on their last lap of walking after the naked adventure. That was a most enjoyable day. Tomorrow I call Hank and try to work out a karate schedule for Anna, who knows....maybe I'll take him up on his mom self-defense thing, oh yeah....dang, think I might make Anna happy and join Curves also. But now I'm going to go to bed and read. G'night.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it possible for everything to work right at the same time? Though I guess if the same thing never works right then no lol. Because at least that one thing will be there.....blasted washing machine flooded the garage again....there is a lot of water in one of those things. I figure everything out there is either really clean or really gross, everything of value is up high or in plastic so I guess the bright side is that anything that gets ruined I get to throw away. I am experiencing an excessive feeling of shallowness, why is that? And I don't think it's because of the shallow lake out in the garage....more probably because the kids are all pretty much self sufficient and not on me all the time anymore, the two extras aren't here anymore and that was really more chaotic than I realized. Everything is much more calm, smooth and ......dull. The girls have different friends that come over now but they all know how to behave.....very nice. I think I went from kid overload to "wow, nice" and now I don't know what to do. Which leads to useless and shallow, which I'm get on it girl. Find your feather. Hmmmm.......feather? Feather, feather, feather.......sounds like heather. OK, it's late. I know what I'll do, I'll go to Lifesource and peruse the bulletin board.....don't know what I'll find but maybe something. Maybe I'll take up plumbing. That would be nice, then I wouldn't have to fear the toilet. Somehow it just feels wrong to have the life I have, what have I done to deserve it and now that I have it what do I do with it? I have no challenge, no obstacles. Nothing to figure out or make work, well except the plumbing, but that's just gonna be. I guess not wanting for anything, well that's not true there are still things I want in life but they'll happen when they happen, but I guess my list of things I've been working for I've gotten. Time to expand the list to bigger and better things, maybe I'll go to the art stores and ask about painting 101. Maybe I'll learn how to walk in high heels. Now there's a goal.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

They're not kids, they're speed bumps with wheels. Little kids at the skating rink are a menace. Yes, I fulfilled my hankering for roller skating today, took the kids and a few friends down to Lebanon and skated for 3 hours. Let me tell you......I most likely will be sore tomorrow. Do you think I could get away with calling the skating place the"gym" and going and "working out" a few times a week? Anna wants me to join Curves with her but honestly, I never did get into the machine thing....I don't care that much about my pecs, or my gluteus maximus for that matter.....besides what if I start to look good??? Then what? at least with roller skating I will have one awesome inner thigh and one awesome outer thigh add in the bowling and I will have one mega right arm too. Now there's a picture. We drove through and hit the dollar menu because everyone was hungry and I guess there was a muscular fellow working, I didn't see him but Anna was of course I made her touch my muscle and she goes "where did YOU get that?". Muscles do exist under fat. She's a lovely child, my hair looks like Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and I look like a biker in my new coat. Thanks kid. Anyway, now we're having tacos revisited and then they will go to bed and then I think I will watch La Dolce Vita....Vida??? whichever. I've been wanting to see that since I saw Under the Tuscan Sun. Is it possible to have a mid-life crisis at 38? I don't think so because then that would mean I would be dying young and I don't plan on that, and I don't want a red sports car.....well, ok the sports car thing is starting to sound appealing, but not a red one. I just want to go to where I stopped and pick up again, and that I can do. Oh....I actually did get beer and clean my room out last's a teeny room but now it seems just the tiniest bit less teeny. I have a dream....nothing noble or inspiring, but a dream all the same. I want to have nothing in my room, ok...our room, that isn't supposed to be in a bedroom. Just bedroom stuff, that's it. Problem now is that I have a dining room with stuff that's not supposed to be in a dining room after last night. Eh....such problems.

Friday, February 5, 2010

You know the problem with thinking? I don't....let me think about it. I just know there's a problem associated with it. I think it might be that you think and then you're all ok, now what lol. It's 6:00 pm friday night, 2 hours the kids go to bed.....then what? Go to bed? Watch more Criminal Minds, or NCIS or whatever is on tonight? Ooooh....I do have La Dolce Vida I haven't watched yet....hmmmm.....possibility. I could even do that naked if I wanted. I could go to Northern Lights but the movie I want to watch is on at 8:00, I have this guilt thing on running out on the kids at bed time for some reason. Yeah, I know, I don't believe in guilt.....then a Mommy obligation? Whatever. Solitaire? With a deck of 51? Counting flowers on the wall? Actually I just need to get everything up and running again or I will go flippin' crazy......I need to get Anna's karate schedule figured out, find something to do...last year I did some stuff at the school but school people are grumpy and yeah, Little League sign-ups are tomorrow, get that going, find something for Katie, find the classes I want to take...they seem to have disappeared for the time being....find somewhere to volunteer a bit. Maybe I'll join the blasted gym....I'm actually thinking it sounds good, and anyone who knows me knows that is not normal. Aack...I attempted to do the taxes today. I think this year for the very first time I will take them somewhere.....between all of Joe's jumble of incomes this year, my apparent small business, energy efficiency measures there's just too many things I'm not absolutely sure about. I think I will go get some beer and clean my room....I'm in a mood to get rid of stuff so that's a good time to clean while under the influence. I just have to make sure to check and make sure all the kids and dogs are still here in the morning. I should have some clothes to get rid of because I have made the transition to normal sized person. I can now go into a store and pick up a large and it will fit. more ex-large or 1x??? Whoop whoop. Did I ever come up with the problem with thinking? I think it's because you think into things you don't normally think about then you think what the hell then you get pissed then you settle back to normal then you sit and go hmmmmmm....? I shouldn't be thinking lol. I think I'll throw caution to the wind and go get a pizza for dinner, I kind of wanted to go to Burger Basket...but the kids were all off playing and do I want to call them home to go? Not really an excuse anymore since 3 are back, but it was an excuse. Okay, I think I've figured it out......Burger Basket, beer, clean'll be an I'm 13 and can't go to the mall til my room is clean.....yeah, that's dumb. One of these days I'm just going make reservations for Breitenbush and go and spend a day or two, I think that's the only way it'll ever happen lol....see ya, I'm going....oh what? You want to come along? Devious but effective. Oooohhh....speaking of reservations I need to do that for spring break, before our wonderful spot is taken by someone else.....last year we were flanked by people who said they'd be back this year. If they are that will be nice because they had kids and it's always nice to have a flock running around. Tomorrow. Night for now.