Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Stuff - Second time around.....not near so long as the first, blast it all

 June 1st, 2007

  Alrighty, second attempt since I already wrote a novel only to have it get lost in cyberspace.  I really don't like it when that happens, how can you rewrite ramblings?  They're kind of a one time occurrence.  I know I was questioning why only one of my children will dance at me, one just doesn't like to and the others just look at me like "poor, crazy woman".  I personally am not a dancer of the public sort, which is really too bad when you think about it.  I hear good money can be made…hmmm…..nah.  Just give me a child and kitchen I guess.  I'm gonna have to accept and live with the fact that Jake is my only jiving child.  Life is so unfair.  Same thing with hats, I always wanted to have kids so I could put funny hats on them, again with the "poor, crazy lady" looks.
  I bought these shoes called FitFlops, supposed to make my legs long and lean.  I'll take the lean part but I really don't want to be taller.  I bought them because they were so blasted comfy but I'll take leanness as a side effect.  Ok, I lied…..both boys just danced with hats on.  Go figure. 
  • Man, kids are thought deleters, can't think anymore so I guess I'm done.  Bye.
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