Friday, February 5, 2010

You know the problem with thinking? I don't....let me think about it. I just know there's a problem associated with it. I think it might be that you think and then you're all ok, now what lol. It's 6:00 pm friday night, 2 hours the kids go to bed.....then what? Go to bed? Watch more Criminal Minds, or NCIS or whatever is on tonight? Ooooh....I do have La Dolce Vida I haven't watched yet....hmmmm.....possibility. I could even do that naked if I wanted. I could go to Northern Lights but the movie I want to watch is on at 8:00, I have this guilt thing on running out on the kids at bed time for some reason. Yeah, I know, I don't believe in guilt.....then a Mommy obligation? Whatever. Solitaire? With a deck of 51? Counting flowers on the wall? Actually I just need to get everything up and running again or I will go flippin' crazy......I need to get Anna's karate schedule figured out, find something to do...last year I did some stuff at the school but school people are grumpy and yeah, Little League sign-ups are tomorrow, get that going, find something for Katie, find the classes I want to take...they seem to have disappeared for the time being....find somewhere to volunteer a bit. Maybe I'll join the blasted gym....I'm actually thinking it sounds good, and anyone who knows me knows that is not normal. Aack...I attempted to do the taxes today. I think this year for the very first time I will take them somewhere.....between all of Joe's jumble of incomes this year, my apparent small business, energy efficiency measures there's just too many things I'm not absolutely sure about. I think I will go get some beer and clean my room....I'm in a mood to get rid of stuff so that's a good time to clean while under the influence. I just have to make sure to check and make sure all the kids and dogs are still here in the morning. I should have some clothes to get rid of because I have made the transition to normal sized person. I can now go into a store and pick up a large and it will fit. more ex-large or 1x??? Whoop whoop. Did I ever come up with the problem with thinking? I think it's because you think into things you don't normally think about then you think what the hell then you get pissed then you settle back to normal then you sit and go hmmmmmm....? I shouldn't be thinking lol. I think I'll throw caution to the wind and go get a pizza for dinner, I kind of wanted to go to Burger Basket...but the kids were all off playing and do I want to call them home to go? Not really an excuse anymore since 3 are back, but it was an excuse. Okay, I think I've figured it out......Burger Basket, beer, clean'll be an I'm 13 and can't go to the mall til my room is clean.....yeah, that's dumb. One of these days I'm just going make reservations for Breitenbush and go and spend a day or two, I think that's the only way it'll ever happen lol....see ya, I'm going....oh what? You want to come along? Devious but effective. Oooohhh....speaking of reservations I need to do that for spring break, before our wonderful spot is taken by someone else.....last year we were flanked by people who said they'd be back this year. If they are that will be nice because they had kids and it's always nice to have a flock running around. Tomorrow. Night for now.

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